• iTunes Feeds Content to YouTube's New Artist 'Merch Store'

    A lot of buzz is being generated by YouTube's freshly announced "Merch Store." And Apple is sharing in some of the hype.

    On Sunday, Christian Weitenberner, Senior Technical Account Manager at YouTube, touted the new online merchandise hub in an official blog post for the Google-owned video-sharing platform. According to Weitenberner, the Merch Store allows musicians to sell digital downloads of their tunes, in addition to concert tickets or other branded merchandise.

    The Merch Store, however, would not have been possible without several key partners who have aligned with YouTube, including Topspin, Songkick, Amazon, and - arguably, the most important member of the team, Apple. You see, iTunes feeds music downloads for purchase through the Merch Store, which can be accessed directly from an artist's YouTube page.

    YouTube hopes that its new digital storefront of sorts will help launch new talent and level the earnings playing-field to some extent via the songs available for purchase from iTunes. "If you’d like to learn more," Weitenberner concluded in his blog post, "we’re hosting a panel on Thursday, October 20 @ Noon ET at the Mercury Lounge in NYC, sharing stories with artists who’ve found success on YouTube. The lineup includes Dru Ha and Buckshot from Duck Down Music, Julia Nunes, Karmin, Portugal, the Man and Ryan Leslie."

    Source: YouTube Blog
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