• Add Twitter Timeline and Twitter Actions with TwitterCenter [Coming Soon]

    TwitterCenter is an upcoming tweak that adds basic Twitter functions and timeline to your Notification Center.

    If you're an avid social network user, you'll be happy to know that the Notification is going to be a huge hotspot for social-network related applications and tweaks from the jailbreak community. Since most people have at least social network, it would make sense to have it integrated in the Notification Center somewhere with a help of a widget. With iOS 5 and its native integration with Twitter, it's obvious to believe that extensive Twitter integration enhances are in the works. One in particular, TwitterCenter, will allow you to do all the basic functions of Twitter right inside your Notification Center.

    The header picture shows a small box, which in this case, displays your Twitter feed. The feed constantly fetches and will update based upon what comes into your timeline. You can view previous tweets on your timeline by simply swiping back, as well as view when they were received (i.e. 2 minutes ago). TwitterCenter hooks directly into iOS 5 Twitter integration (must be signed in with Twitter in the Twitter tab in Settings) so there's no need to sign anywhere separately. TwitterCenter will allow you to reply to certain tweets on your timeline as well as retweet (which is on top of the new tweet feature that is built-in to iOS 5).

    Although not in the beta version that I have, the developer James Munnelly (@JamesMunnelly) is working on adding link and hashtag support as well.

    TwitterCenter is in the very early stages of development, however James is looking to release this on the ModMyi repository in the next few weeks or so. After giving this beta a thorough look (even though it lacks some of its core features), here is my pros and cons list:

    • It's compact and not super large, which is differing from its counterpart WeeTwitter (a Notification Center tweak by Tyler Flowers, creator of ClockCenter)
    • If it does add the features that are planned, it will be a fully comprehensive package

    • The way it handles the Twitter timeline is kind of inconvenient. There's no real way to get to the the beginning of your timeline very easily (after swiping a few times), plus constantly swiping through tweets one at a time is not that fun
    • The compact size is nice, however it will be difficult to see and interact with multiple parts of the experience if there's no expansion of the window or something like that. It will be difficult to handle much more toggles/information if the window doesn't grow
    • Its counterpart, WeeTwitter, does basically the same thing. It's likely that TwitterCenter will be paid, so unless it differeniates itself, it wouldn't be worth to pay for a package that has a free alternative. It will need to really boost itself up to show the value of this package over the other(s)

    Hopefully by the time of release, James will have everything locked and loaded.

    I spoke with James briefly to ask him a few questions about his work with TwitterCenter:

    JOSH: What gave you the idea to make TwitterCenter?
    JAMES: The idea stemmed from checking the Notification Center for new notifications constantly. I just sort of saw it in my eye straight away; scrolling through tweets in every part of the OS is just a natural extension and the most logical step towards fully-fledged Twitter integration.

    After seeing other alternatives and other Notification Center tweaks, I set it my primary goal to ensure the widget is as polished and slick as possible. To make it as Apple would themselves. This seems to have brought together a brilliant user experience (if I may say so myself)

    JOSH: Is this your first Notification Center tweak? If not, what others have you made?
    JAMES: Yes, this is my first Notification Center tweak. What with iOS 5 being so new, I haven't had a chance to start developing others yet. Once I get this out, I do have a few other ideas and concepts that I'm toying with - however that's a story for another day...

    JOSH: The beta is limited at this point, as you've described and I've described as well. Other than the features you mentioned, what other incorporations are you planning on hitting?
    JAMES: I like to keep an idea simple. Adding too many features will only cause clutter. This isn't a replacement for the Twitter.app or any other Twitter client. It's a quick way to read, tweet, and retweet. The majority of future features will be things like selecting and setting up accounts. That said, if I get a brilliant suggestion and come up with a great way to implement it, I will definitely be doing my upmost to cater for my customers wants.

    JOSH: Will this be a paid package? If so, do you know how much it will cost?
    JAMES: With the amount of time (that should probably have been spent working on my Math degree) I've put in, I feel I do need to charge a small amount for the tweak. That said, nobody likes paying for anything and so, I am going to be running a limited-time-only giveaway before setting the price at (a very reasonable) 0.79 (approximately $1.00 - $1.10).

    JOSH: Do you have any other projects that you are working on that you'd be interested in talking about?
    JAMES: As I said before, I have some ideas that I'm planning out. Currently I have no ongoing projects, however once I've brought some of these to a workable state, I'm sure the ModMyi staff will hear all about it!

    Source(s): James Munnelly
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