• Dev Interview: Stephane Caron and His Action Photography App Nabit

    I'm an After Effects and Photoshop guy. I know how to mask, rotoscope, and throw down effects with the best of em, but when I heard a program called Nabit could create action sequences like the one pictured above, with only my iPhone 4? I scoffed.

    Then I used Nabit and the perma-frown stuck on my face turned into a smirk.

    Obviously Nabit doesn't offer serious photographers and video users the same level of control as dedicated photo and video editing programs, but for the rest of the world this little app is awesome. It simply works. Users launch the app, hold the phone in a single place as the object moves through the frame. A series of five photos is taken and the user then masks out the desired object moving through the frame by highlighting the object in each picture. Once finished the program composites the five photos into one sequence. Super easy, and super effective.

    While it doesn't work every time, something as complicated as this shouldn't. But, if you check out Nabit's blog, the possibilities far outweigh the current limitations. Pick up Nabit for free in the App Store.

    I interviewed Stephane Caron the lead developer and lead creative technologist for CloudRaker (an "(ad)vocacy" agency, as it says on their site). He offers some insight into how Nabit came to be, the future if the program, and his experience as a first time iOS developer.

    Source: Nabit, CloudRaker
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    1. xNEOxGENESISx's Avatar
      xNEOxGENESISx -
      The mouse cursor keep on poking his nose hole...besides that quite an interesting interview.
    1. phoenix904's Avatar
      phoenix904 -
      Maybe on the iPad this app is usable, but even with a stylus it failed dismally on the iPhone.
    1. Channan's Avatar
      Channan -
      Nice shadows.
    1. gznuttz's Avatar
      gznuttz -
      noticed the windows and railing in the background?
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