• Steve Jobs Memorial Live on Apple's Website

    Shortly after Steve Jobs death Apple posted an email address (“[email protected]”) where people could share their feelings, thoughts, and experiences about Jobs. Well, Apple has taken those emails and posted a number of them at Apple - Remembering Steve Jobs in a perpetually scrolling memorial.

    The page is continuously updated, and after five minutes of reading people’s messages I haven’t seen a duplicate.

    So sad and sorry for the loss of Steve Jobs. A magnificent human being, a man that worked every day to see his dreams come true, a man that not only gave us amazing technology, but gave us a daily remembering of the things that we can do if we have faith, and if we work hard for what we want. He was a genius, a person that will be remembered forever, a very important part of the history of humanity. I know for sure that he is resting in peace now, and he is happy. We will meet you on the other side, Steve. Thank you for everything.

    — Carolina and Daniel from Mexico City
    RIP Steve Jobs

    The world lost the biggest star today. May he rest in peace.
    — Eunsun
    Pang of Sadness

    I will feel a pang of sadness and loss every time I open up my shiny macbook pro or turn on my ipod. I cant believe I feel so upset over a man I have never met. Rest in peace
    — Alex
    Thanks 4 Everything!

    We will miss your creative genius! May your next life be as great!
    — Mark

    It still amazes me when I step back and look at the outcry Steve Jobs death produced. Many have tried to comment on why this is, that it’s because we idolize the brand, and love our gadgets more than ever. People questioned why is Jobs different than any other CEO that has died before him, that Jobs wasn’t a particularly involved philanthropist like Bill Gates, and that people have used Jobs death as an opportunity to write about themselves and cash in on the attention it brings. That somehow, while Jobs was a great innovator and CEO, he didn't deserve such a public display of grief.

    All are valid points, but I can’t criticize a person for feeling a connection to someone, even if they’ve never met the man. I can’t call into question millions of people’s motives. Steve Jobs passed away, and millions shared in the sadness of that day. There is no need to figure out why, or argue about if Jobs is deserving of such a display. Millions thought he was. Apple’s memorial is proof enough.

    Source: Apple - Remembering Steve Jobs
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