• iTunes Match Surfacing in iOS 5 and iTunes Suggests Imminent Launch

    Although Apple launched iOS 5 and iCloud last week, the company ended up pushing back the debut of its paid iTunes Match service in the US until the “end of October.” The feature was previously in beta testing with the iTunes 10.5 developer releases and was removed from the public release. Instead it folded into an iTunes 10.5.1 beta that will probably debut alongside the service.

    The Music section of the Settings app in iOS 5 has gained a toggle for turning iTunes Match on and off. This toggle was previously seen in the beta, then disappeared, and now returned. As of right now, non-developers turning on iTunes Match on their devices will not be able to sign up for the $24.99/year service, as iOS 5 pops up an alert instructing users to sign up through iTunes.

    Apple also seems to be advertising the service as “coming soon” on the front page of the iTunes Store. The service is on route to debut in the United States by the end of the month and shortly after internationally. The Cupertino giant feels comfortable enough with their timeline of the product though that they have updated not only the US site but other international sites as well.

    For those of you who don’t already know, iTunes Match will allow users to have their music libraries matched to Apple’s database of over 20 million tracks in the iTunes Store. These songs will be available for use on any iCloud-enabled device, which is associated with the user’s accounts. For songs which are not available in the iTunes Store, they can still be uploaded to Apple’s servers and also made available across multiple iOS devices.

    Source: MacRumors
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