• Cydia Store Grows: Custom Cases to Match Themes Coming Soon

    With the success that the Cydia store has had, It seems apparent that cydia is going to begin a new program designed to allow users to purchase custom iOS cases that will match the theme of your choice. (assuming the designer has submitted one)

    Here's a quote from Patrick J. Dietzen, VP of Business Development:
    We are soon going to be selling skins for all major iDevices. We would like to offer users skins that match the themes being sold in Cydia. These skins will allow people to fully customize the physical exterior appearance of their device in addition to the look/feel of the graphical user interface. The skins are made of premium vinyl from 3M and fit perfectly onto all iDevices. They can also be removed at any point without issue. Users will be able to theme the physical look of their phone and regularly change it to whatever they desire.
    Here's an example of one of the designs that k.nitsua has submitted, just to give you an idea:

    When more information comes to light we will let you know. Keep your eyes peeling in the store. The concept sounds extremely interesting and really brings everyone closer to their favorite place on their device... Cydia and Winterboard

    This news comes from K.nitsua. Thanks for the tip.
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