• Customize Message Alerts and Passcode Messages with LockMessages [GIVEAWAY]

    Use custom alerts and passcode your Messages.app (SMS and iMessage) with LockMessage.

    Of all the components that iOS 5 has to offer, most people would agree that the new notification system is one of our favorite new additions. Their non-obtrusive nature makes it so much nicer than the pre-iOS 5 alert boxes that disrupted you constantly. Although the notification system is pretty solid, there are always ways to improve or change the look, feel, and functionality of any component of iOS; thanks to the jailbreak community. LockMessages by Mathieu Bollard gives you some freedom to customize when it comes to the Messages.app and its tie-in with the notification system.

    The premise behind LockMessages is that it offers a way to conceal SMS/iMessage content for privacy reasons. With LockMessages, you can enable a custom alert to display whatever title and message you want on the banner or alert (works on SpringBoard as well as on the lock screen). On top of custom alerts, you're able to lock the Message application by setting a password to it as well. If you have this set, you will be prompted to type in your passcode to access the Messages.app All these various settings can be managed within the LockMessages tab inside Settings. You can have both custom alerts and passcode enabled, or just one and not the other; you have the freedom.

    I believe that LockMessages has potential, however I do see a few major flaws that could be a deterrent for most users (including myself). Here are my pros and cons:

    • You can not only use custom alerts but have the ability to lock your Messages.app at the same time. It combines two potentially separate tweaks into one

    • LockMessages custom alerts don't mesh well with "Show Preview" for Messages under Notifications. With custom alerts enabled, if you leave one or the other blank, it doesn't display anything or puts a default "iMessage" or something like that. It would be great if you could customize the message without having to remove the name of the person messaging you.
    • There are many applications out there that not only lock your Messages.app, but offer protection for any application on your SpringBoard. LockMessages is not a viable choice if you were to just lock your Messages; you might as well get another application that does it all. LockMessages needs to incorporate new features that makes it unique and different from the rest of the potential packages it is similar to

    You can download LockMessages now from Cydia for only $0.99. It requires iOS 5.0+ and is compatible on all iOS devices.

    Name: LockMessages
    Author: Mathieu Bolard (mattlawer)
    Version: 1.0.1
    Price: $0.99

    Mathieu was gracious enough to gift ModMyi 25 copies of LockMessages to giveaway to our readers. Here's how to enter:

    Facebook Users:

    • Like ModMyi on Facebook
    • Share the post off of ModMyi's timeline with "Win a copy of LockMessages." It must include the link to the article as well as your Cydia Account number

    Twitter Users:

    • Follow @ModMyi
    • Follow @joshmtucker
    • Tweet from the site or retweet off of ModMyi's Twitter feed with "Win a copy of LockMessages." You must include your Cydia Account number as well as the link to this article

    Google+ Users:

    • Add Joshua Tucker to your circles
    • Share the article
    • Post on my post with your Cydia Account number

    If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be disqualified and not eligible for the giveaway. Also, you must reply to my tweet/comment 24 hours after being notified that you won. Othwerise, I will re-draw winners. I will choose the winners after 24 hours of this article being live.

    I will be contacting the winners from my Twitter account (@joshmtucker), Google+ profile, or Facebook.

    So, what's your overall opinion? Do you think this tweak has potential? Post your thoughts here!

    Source(s): Mathieu Bollard
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Customize Message Alerts and Passcode Messages with LockMessages started by Joshua Tucker View original post
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