• Apple TV Version 4.4.2 (9A336a) Released

    The Apple TV was just recently updated to 4.4.2 (9A336a) shortly after a re-release of the 4.4.1 update (which was previously released and pulled then released again). The previous update contained a number of bug fixes and it is assumed that this one does the same as no official change log has been released.

    Alongside the release of the update, Apple has released a support document stating that the settings on the Apple TV must be reset before updating to version 4.4.2. For those of you who are interested in updating now, you can do so by clicking on the link below (donít forget to reset all the Apple TV settings before performing the update):

    Let us know of your experience if you go ahead with the update and for the rest of you, feel free to share any thoughts and opinions in the comments below!
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