• Jobs Left iTunes Creator Jeff Robbin In Charge Of Apple Television Project

    The co-lead in the creation of the original iPod (with Tony Fadell) and the person who built iTunes, Jeff Robin, is supposedly heading up Apple’s television efforts according to a Bloomberg report. Apple seems to be turning to the software engineer who built iTunes to help lead its development of a television set, according to three people with knowledge of the project.

    The rumors of Apple working on a television set has been seeing a large amount of buzz lately due to a quote found in Steve Job’s biography where he said he had “finally cracked” the problems standing in the way of an Apple television set. Robbin’s role is to help Apple integrate seamless content search features into the device."For example, instead of having to separately check to see if a movie or show is available through Netflix or a cable service, all the material could be integrated," according to Bloomberg’s report. This would really transform the television market, which would cause competitors to also release such features to keep up with the competition.

    Robbin has worked as a system software engineer at Apple in the ‘90s before leaving to work on his own software project. He moved on to a software publisher role at Casady & Greene where he helped developed the SoundJam MP MP3 player software. Apple had ended up purchasing the right for SoundJam from Casady & Greene in the year 2000, bringing Robbin back into Apple, this time as the head to the software transformation into iTunes. He also ended up playing a large role in the development of the iPod as he was listed among the inventors of several key iPod-related filings. As of right now, he is the Vice President of Consumer Applications and Lead Software Designer for iTunes.

    It was also revealed in Jobs’ bestselling biography that Jobs refused to allow a Time magazine reported use the engineer’s full name in an article because he was afraid that other companies would try to poach Robbin. Furthermore, Robbins was one of the Apple executives who successfully lobbied Jobs to allow a Windows version of iTunes (which has opened up iOS devices to a slew of new customers). Walter Isaacson also quoted Jobs in an interview saying that he wanted to make television sets “simple and elegant,” just like what he had done with computers, music players, and phones. Thinking about this in hindsight, Apple has provided a large use of ease and elegance with these products, so the future of an Apple television set looks promising. Someone as innovative and experienced as Robbin would be the excellent person to spearhead the effort.

    I am looking forward to seeing what Jeff Robbin will contribute to the Apple television set. Jobs saw potential in him when it came to tackiling the project and there were probably many reasons for this. The thought of having an Apple television set is exciting as I imagine it would be deeply integrated with the existing iOS devices, which would provide a whole new level of convenience. Not only that but the aesthetics that Apple products provide are usually a step up from most products that other companies offer, I'd imagine the television set to be no different.

    What do you think of the possibility of an Apple television set? If it was to be released, do you think you would get it? Share your thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: Bloomberg
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