• Apple's 'Pollution Partner' Pegatron Facing Criticism in China

    Apple's iPhone-manufacturing partner Pegatron is disparagingly being called Cupertino's pollution partner in reports surfacing out of the far east today.

    A new environmental report shows that three of the company's iPhone-producing facilities in China are responsible for excessive pollution. Pegatron's subsidiaries, however, aren't simply having a finger pointed at them. Two of the company's subsidiaries have already been fined in response to water pollution.

    According to Digitimes, Pegatron has responded to the claims by saying that it is "currently purchasing equipment to eliminate both noise and waste gas released and the subsidiary will continue to proceed with replacing old equipment as well as having a regular maintenance schedule."

    Meanwhile, Pegatron's other two subsidiaries, which were fined because of releasing polluted water, have already made improvements to its production lines and will continue to negotiate with local residents and government to resolve the situation.
    The company is expected to further address the problems and their proposed remedies on October 27th, when Pegatron is set to hold an investor conference.

    Although Apple has a longstanding public record of demanding environmentally-responsible business practices and product development and manufacturing, its partners have had less-than-impeccable records on pollution control. In early 2011, for example, environmental groups in China banded together and collectively accused Apple of being one of the least responsible technology firms when it comes to environmental concerns and workers' rights.

    Source: Digitimes
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