• Finally, a Way to Lock the iPad

    Want a super-durable iPad case that also lets you tether your tablet with a steel cable? MacLocks calls the iPad Lock and Security Case the world's first locking iPad case. The heavy-duty plastic case both locks to protect the iPad and has a kickstand for upright viewing, as well as providing a mount point for a sturdy steel cable that can be looped around any fixed object, like a table. It's $39.95 for the case alone, or $64.95 for the case and cable together, and volume discounts are available.

    The iPad's small size makes it an enticing target for thieves. Unlike MacBooks, though, the sleek design of the iPad does not allow for a K-slot or any way to lock it down. That's where the Lock and Security Case comes in. First you slip the iPad in the clear plastic case, which acts as a screen protector for day-to-day use. The case provides a receiver for the heavy-duty lock, which includes a steel cable. Loop the cable's other end around any solid object, and when you lock it closed, no one can remove the case without destroying the iPad.

    The steel cable is also strong enough to resist cutting, and weighs less than one pound. MacLocks says the lock cylinder has the smallest diameter of any computer lock in the world. This makes the lock solution convenient to carry around; the reason you got an iPad is because it's portable, right?

    This will likely prove popular for enterprise users, and MacLocks has obviously considered the possibility: if you buy 100 or more, the price drops to $59.95 each.

    Source: Engadget
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