• Macworld Re-Branded as iWorld Ahead of January Expo

    It's a new beginning for Macworld, the iconic yearly event dedicated to all things Apple that began in 1985. Once a mainstream platform by which Apple would introduce new products and services, the Cupertino tech titan formally withdrew from participation in the annual event in 2009. Despite the significant loss of Apple's involvement, the expo rolls on. And next year, it will sport a new name.

    Further emphasizing the importance of iOS to all Apple devices and Apple culture at large, Macworld is being re-branded as "Macworld|iWorld: the ultimate iFan event.” In announcing next year's expo, Paul Kent, the event’s vice president and general manager, revealed that “the brand is evolving from Macworld [Expo] to Macworld|iWorld to illustrate that the show is about the whole ecosystem of Apple products.”

    Not withstanding the newfound emphasis on all things iOS, the show will largely be the same and place exceptional attention on the Mac platform. In particular, Mac Developers will be at the heart of event thanks to a new package for OS X developers that will "encourage them to display their wares at the show without the expense of having an elaborate booth.”

    The event's legendary training seminars and sessions are still intact, though they will similarly undergo a name change - “Tech Talks.” So, if you plan to attend, Macworld|iWorld 2012 gets underway January 26th. You can now register by clicking here.

    Source: Macworld|iWorld
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