• Apple Reportedly Building Massive 'Solar Farm'

    A conspicuous new landmark may soon emerge opposite Apple's sprawling data center in North Carolina.

    According to information presented this week in the Charlotte Observer, locally obtained permits suggest that Apple is looking to build a so-called "solar farm" across from the massive data center it owns and operates in Maiden, N.C.

    Permits issued by Catawba County indicate that Apple has already been approved to "reshape the slope of some of the 171 acres of vacant land it owns on Startown Road, opposite the data center, in preparation of building a solar farm."

    The engineering plans show how the company will keep soil that it moves around the site from washing into creeks and other areas. The permit has no detail about the solar farm itself, including its size. A Charlotte firm is listed on the erosion control permit as the contractor. The plans say the site will have multiple gravel roads for access to its solar panels.
    It should be noted, however, that the county has not yet been asked to approve a building permit for any construction on the actual property. The town of Maiden is also yet to see such a request from Apple.

    Interestingly enough, the plans are called "Project Dolphin Solar Farm A Expanded." According to the Charlotte Observer, "Project Dolphin" was the code name given Apple's previous plans that led to the $1-billion data center the company now maintains in Maiden.

    Source: Charlotte Observer
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