• Epic Games Releases Infinity Blade

    Epic Games has released Infinity Blade ($5.99), a visual treat based on the Epic Citadel tech demo that was released a few months ago. Epic Citadel allowed players to walk through a beautiful medieval castle, but the app lacked any game play. It was more of a showcase for the Unreal Engine 3, running on iOS. Now Epic has polished that demo and Infinity Blade is the result.

    Infinity Blade has a simple story, ďFor untold ages, the God King has ruled with an iron fist - his power is incalculable; his followers, legion. Now you must journey to the Dark Citadel to battle his Titans, one by one, until you face the tyrant himself.Ē

    Epic has released this version of the app as a single player game for now, but states that future updates will include ďa fully integrated multiplayer mode, which enables players to battle friends and other players online via Game Center.Ē Battles are fought using swiping motions on screen and players can attack, dodge, block and cast spells.

    Infinity Blade is an ďon railsĒ type of game, so the freedom of movement that was present in Epic Citadel is not available here. Much of the game play consists of battles followed by movie cuts scenes, leading to more battles. Once the player gets used to the dazzling visuals, the game play can become somewhat repetitive, however. Infinity Blade is a gorgeous game, but diehard RPG fans may be a little disappointed with the thin RPG elements and the relatively short game play.

    Infinity Blade has the best graphics of any iOS game currently available in the App Store. Even though the game play may not be what people were expecting, donít let that stop you from enjoying this visually stunning game. Infinity Blade is a solid game, itís just not as free roaming as Epic Citadel.

    This is a universal app so it will run on the third generation (or higher) iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as well. Because the game is such a visual treat, however, the graphics will look best on an iPhone 4ís retina display or on an iPadís larger screen. Most game developers charge a premium for an iPad version, so itís nice to see Epic release only one universal version of the game. Hopefully, Infinity Blade will be the first of many impressive games to come from Epic.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDvPIhCd8N4&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Infinity Blade: iPhone Trailer[/ame]

    Source: TUAW
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