• Apple Unibody Plants to be Up and Running Again - Early as Next Week

    Apple's unibody plants were previously shut down due to pollution concerns.

    The Apple unibody is an iconic part of any modern Mac. It's the main chassis of the computer made out of lathe-cut, mill-perfected solid aluminum and is completely perfect. The MacBooks have a single access point on the bottom with some fastening phillips screws that allow for access to the entire computer enclosure. The iMacs have a large body with one access point at the bottom for RAM access, and everything else can only be accessed by removing the screen.

    Apple had a small problem a little while ago with some of their Mac production companies out in the East; one of them, specifically Catcher Technology: a company that also makes casings for Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and Sony, was closed down for pollution issues. Modmyi writer, Phillip Swanson, covered that whole ideal here. The plant was shut down because of a, "strange odor." The plant supplies Apple with as much as 60% of their unibody enclosures for all of Apple's Macs alike. The factories were closed so that they could be checked out by Apple's teams.

    It seems, things have been straightened out and the factories can expect to open back up as early as next week. The timing couldn't have been better, either. Apple CEO Tim Cook reported at the iPhone 4S keynote that the Mac now has ~23% market share. With a skyrocketing demand for MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros (market share recently in the mid single-digits), the factory getting back into production means that Apple can continue to meet those needs without having to deal with any shortages. With the number rising so quickly, it's no doubt that if the company remained closed that Apple would have experienced shortages with their computers; only 40% of other unibodies come from another company.

    The factories plan to be at the point of 'full steam ahead' by the end of this week. This means that the parts of the company that were shut down will be brought back up to working speed. This is only one hump that Apple has managed to get over. The other hump is that Apple's hard drive motor manufacturers in Thailand are experiencing floods and had to close down some of their factories as well. Those factories should hopefully be opened up again sometime in November if the floods clear up quickly. As soon as that's taken care of, all of Apple's manufacturing plants will be back to normal and Apple won't need to deal with any more shortage inconveniences.

    How many of you own a unibody Mac? I'm sure there are some of you who still have the multibody enclosures. Share below!

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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