• Apple Now #1 Mobile PC Maker in North America

    According to third quarter sales results, Apple is now the number one mobile PC manufacturer in North America. DisplaySearch - which classifies the mobile PC segment as notebooks, notebooks and tablets, put Apple in third place worldwide, behind HP and Acer. Apple shipped 6.3 million units during the third quarter of 2010, representing 12.4% global market share.

    The iPad alone accounts for 8% percent of all mobile PC sales worldwide. When it comes to North American sales, some analysts have estimated that 45 percent of all iPads manufactured are sold in the US. If you exclude the iPad, Apple would have come in globally at eighth place in mobile PC market share instead of third. HP sold 9.5 million laptops, netbooks and tablets in the third quarter for a 17.3% market share. Acer came in second place worldwide, selling 9.1 million mobile PCs for a 16.5% market share. Overall, 55 million mobile PCs were sold in the third quarter of 2010.

    The iPad has room for growth in the non-Western world, the DisplaySearch analysis found. Chris Connery, DisplaySearch's vice president of large-format displays, said that "one developed region where the acceptance of the iPad has been weak is Japan," adding that "questions of local language content and language-specific apps have slowed acceptance in this tech-savvy region." The (perceived) need to sync to a PC has also hindered iPad adoption in the developing world.

    Source: LA Times
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