• iTunes Match Developer Library Deletion Points Towards Pending Launch

    Apple recently made an announcement to developers informing them that the developer iTunes Match libraries for those who are currently beta testing will be deleted as of Thursday, October 27th. The last deletion took place just a few weeks ago and all fingers are pointing towards an impending launch (expected to be coming up before the end of the month).

    For those of you who were beta testing it, Apple advises you to turn off iTunes Match on both your computer and your iOS device(s) (although music on your computers shouldnít be affected). Now for those of you who donít already know, iTunes Match will cost $24.99 per year and provide a convenient scan and match service that will determine which songs on a userís hard drive are also available on the iTunes Music Store Ė at which point the songs will be added and accessible from iCloud.

    Apple isnít the only one offering this type of service to users Ė Amazon and Google are also in the market. The Cupertino giant brags that their service will scan the library in just minutes compared to weeks of upload time that it claims their competitorsí require. The service will also offer increased music quality by providing 256 Kbps AAC downloads (even if the files that were matched have a lower bitrate). The iTunes Match should be released at some point in the next few days, so stay tuned.

    Are any of you going to be purchasing the iTunes Match service? What are your thoughts on the service? Are you excited? Let us know by dropping a comment!

    Source: Apple
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