• Newsstand Gives Conde Nast and Other Publishers Huge Sales Bump

    Newspaper and Magazine publishers take notice, Apple's Newsstand might be what they need to boost sales and subscriptions.

    According to Conde Nast, since the October 12 release of Newsstand the company has seen a 268 percent increase in subscriptions for the digital versions of their titles. Single title sales experienced a boost as well up 142 percent from the previous eight week period.

    Whether the sales increases represent a long-term boom or a momentary bump is yet to be seen. But, the early details are encouraging. Newsstand is effectively and iTunes like funnel for digital publishers. User's magazines and newspapers are funneled to a single folder and subscriptions and single issue purchases are all handled in-app. The ease with which consumers can find and purchase new content has spurred growth for other publishers as well.

    PixelMags, the digital publish platform for Mens Health, Cosmopolitan, Esquire and a number of other high-profile brands reported a 1,150 percent increase in sales over the first week of Newsstand's release. The New York Times iPad app experienced huge growth as well with 189,000 new user downloads in the first week as well, nearly seven times the number of downloads the week before. Their iPhone app saw an increase in downloads from 21,000 the week before Newsstand's release to 1.8 million downloads the week after. For the numbers inclined, that is 85 times more downloads in a week, with nothing more than the release of an application spurring the growth.

    Hopefully, for the sake of the written word, these numbers continue to impress. Publishers who originally thought the iPad would be the savior of Newspapers and Magazines, but were disappointed over the last two years are probably resting well this week. Apple completely changed the way we purchase music, and the labels begrudgingly followed suit. Magazine and Newspaper publishers are embracing the reinvention of their market with open arms.

    Source: Wired
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