• Add More Music Controls to Lock Screen with SuperMusic [GIVEAWAY]

    Put more music-related controls on your lock screen to better use your iPod/Music application.

    If you're one to use the lock screen buttons to control your iPod/Music.app, you may find this tweak a good addition to your iOS device. By default, when you double tap the Home button, some minor music controls appear. You have the Play/Pause button and the rewind/fast forward buttons. But besides that, you have limited control in regards to changing songs, setting repeat, or the various other core music controls inside the iPod/Music application. SuperMusic by Akhil Tolani adds more functionality to your lock screen by placing more music-related controls for you to choose from.

    As you can see from the header image, SuperMusic adds the follow new buttons to your lock screen. To activate the SuperMusic shade, simply double tap the Home button like default:

    • Shuffle
    • Stop
    • New Rewind and Fast Forward
    • Lyrics
    • iPod

    On top of the buttons, you also have the song list as well as the volume bar. The song list is a way to scroll through all the music you have on your device. It's arranged in alphabetical order and can be easily scrolled through.

    The buttons within themselves are pretty self explanatory, however here's the scoop on the new rewind and fast forward buttons, as well as the lyrics and iPod buttons.

    The new rewind and fast forward buttons add a faster way of performing those same functions. When you tap either one of them, they constantly either rewind or fast forward until you tap them again. So instead of having to hold down the button, you can just simply tap the new buttons (the rewind and fast forward buttons that are the outermost of the five). The other ones still can be used as rewind or fast forward buttons, however with SuperMusic installed, they seem to become more of skip buttons.

    When you tap the lyrics button, which is located on the far left under the volume bar, it will show you the lyrics to the song you're listening to. In order for this to work, you must have lyrics already inside that particular song (does not check the internet or other sources for lyrics). On the other side, you can tap the iPod button to bring you inside your iPod/Music application. If you have a passcode, at any point that the tweak may bring you off the lock screen and into your device, you will need to type a passcode.

    SuperMusic has only one setting which can be found at Settings -> SuperMusic. Inside the SuperMusic tab, you can change what color you song list text to be on the lock screen.

    After toying around with SuperMusic for a bit, here are my pros and cons:

    • It adds new controls that haven't been on the lock screen before in regards to music

    • From a GUI perspective, the look of the tweak is not that appealing
    • Also, when it is activated, it seems really cluttered and makes everything else in the background look blurry and distorted
    • On iOS 5, it makes the notifications look really messy when SuperMusic is activated
    • The song list is great, but there needs to be a better way of finding and (or) organizing music so you can more easily find music

    You can download SuperMusic from Cydia right now as we speak. It's $1.00 on the BigBoss repository and is compatible on all iOS devices running 4.x+, except for the iPad (coming soon).

    Name: SuperMusic
    Author: Akhil Tolani
    Version: 1.0
    Price: $1.00

    Akhil was gracious enough to offer 10 copies of SuperMusic to our readers here at Modmyi. Here's how you can enter:

    Facebook Users:

    • Like ModMyi on Facebook
    • Share the post off of ModMyi's timeline with "Win a copy of SuperMusic." It must include the link to the article as well as your Cydia Account number

    Twitter Users:

    • Follow @ModMyi
    • Follow @joshmtucker
    • Tweet from the site or retweet off of ModMyi's Twitter feed with "Win a copy of SuperMusic." You must include your Cydia Account number as well as the link to this article

    Google+ Users:

    • Add Joshua Tucker to your circles
    • Share the article
    • Post on my post with your Cydia Account number

    If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be disqualified and not eligible for the giveaway.

    I will be contacting the winners from my Twitter account (@joshmtucker), Google+ profile, or Facebook.

    What are your thoughts? Do you find this useful for you? If not, why? Post your comments below!
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    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Looks nice. Will have to see if this works with iTunes sync. If so, will definitely buy this (once we have a JB for the 4S)
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      What is the big white square in the top right? It's really distracting lol.
    1. Joshua Tucker's Avatar
      Joshua Tucker -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      What is the big white square in the top right? It's really distracting lol.
      The stop button.
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Joshua Tucker View Post
      The stop button.
      Seriously? I would just pause.
    1. Joshua Tucker's Avatar
      Joshua Tucker -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post
      Seriously? I would just pause.
      Haha indeed.
    1. Star784's Avatar
      Star784 -
      Wonder if something like this could work into the music/ipod app
    1. Nintendo Tim's Avatar
      Nintendo Tim -
      Hey look, someone has good taste in music...
    1. sema's Avatar
      sema -
      how to download this?
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sema View Post
      how to download this?
      Type in supermusic in Cydia search
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