• MuscleNerd Provides Proof Of An iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak - No ETA Given (Updated)

    Popular iOS developer and hacker MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has recently tweeted what many people have been waiting to see: proof of an iPhone 4S jailbroken on iOS 5. His tweet did mention that this is a very early version of the jailbreak and it is far from a public release. Furthermore, no ETAs have been given as of right now so we will have to continue to be patient.

    This does give us some hope though that the iPhone 4S jailbreak will probably be released sometime over the next few weeks. At the very least, we know it has been achieved and there is progress being made to have it packaged for a public release. It has currently not been confirmed whether the method was a tethered or untethered jailbreak but I am sure for the many iPhone 4S users, having any form of a jailbreak beats having none at all. It is also possible that the same exploit might be usable on the iPad 2 (which also runs on the same A5 chip) but there has been no mention of that either.

    Stay tuned for more information regarding the matter!

    Source: MuscleNerd (Twitter) (1) (2)


    MuscleNerd has tweeted again, this time with video proof of the same preliminary jailbreak working on an iPad 2. The assumption previously made was correct! You can see the video below:

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    1. wohhey's Avatar
      wohhey -
      Quote Originally Posted by evojoey View Post
      looking forward to it ....even though it will most likely be tethered
      if its tether that would be awesome because that means its pwned for life. Tethered always, untethered sometimes when an exploit like jailbreakme uses comes up. Nah, its untethered fast and easy to patch by apple, and what sucks most that you cant downgrade or even restore to old firmwares :U apple singlehandedly destroyed the whole shsh blobs industry.
    1. Bo Troxell's Avatar
      Bo Troxell -
      Awesome news.
    1. PoEtikly's Avatar
      PoEtikly -
      Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
      It's best to tether jb and use semiTether. I have had to just boot several times thru redsn0w but I am new to tethered jailbreaks.
      If you look at the dev teams tweets, maybe it's ih8snows, but they say that the semi-tether is the most unstable shacky code they've ever seen and that you're better off not to use it.ill take the word of some devs that know what they're talking about. From what I've heard A LOT of people are having to restore then rejb after trying to use the features of the semi-tether. I haven't personally used it or know anybody who has had that issue but I won't take my chances.
    1. Tucnepo's Avatar
      Tucnepo -
      Semi-tethered jailbroken ios5 works great. No issues with it so far
    1. Cer0's Avatar
      Cer0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tucnepo View Post
      Semi-tethered jailbroken ios5 works great. No issues with it so far
      Keep saying I am gonna try that out because I need to turn my phone off a lot when not near computer. It is a great solution for a tethered jailbreak though. That way you can still use phone part.
    1. kennethpetro's Avatar
      kennethpetro -
      Quote Originally Posted by vantheman169 View Post
      If your on a tethered jailbreak and your out and about and happen to install something from cydia that requires a "reboot device" to prevent yourself from being screwed either just hit the home button and exit cydia and wait till you get home, or you can use sbsettings to respring and you will be able to get back into cydia without rebooting the device. Just a nice piece of info if you did not already know this....
      I found that sbsettings doesn't work when at the "Reboot Device" screen in Cydia. I also found that simply closing out of cydia doesn't always close the program. It sometimes will still automatically reboot your device immediately after you close cydia.
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