• Apple Reportedly Working to Remedy Degraded iPhone 4S Battery Life

    one of the most consistent and pervasive user complaints following the release of the iPhone 4S is the seemingly degraded battery life the device delivers on an all too frequent basis.

    According to published reports Friday, the source of this problem is presently unexplainable (except some believe cloud-related glitches are to blame). That's what the folks at UK's The Guardian are hearing. Early today, the Guardian reported that Apple engineers are contacting an unknown number of iPhone 4S owners to try to solve problems with battery life on the new device. Numerous complains have been logged that significantly diminished battery performance is experienced when compared to the longevity and general performance of previous generation iPhones.

    One owner reveals in the story that Apple contacted him directly and requested that he use a "monitoring program" on the iPhone 4S as a first line of defense in simply diagnosing the problem. Here's what the person told the Guardian.

    My battery life was extremely poor - 10% drop in standby every hour. I noticed that the usage figure was roughly half that of standby, even when the phone was not being used, so I assumed something was crashing or running in the background. I switched off all the new features including Siri and location services, but it was still really poor. I also tried setting up a clean phone with no apps but it is still really poor. I then got a call from a senior [Apple] engineer who said he had read my post and was 'reaching out' to users for data and admitted this was an issue (and that they aren't close to finding a fix!) and asked lots of questions about my usage and then asked if he could install the file below and that he would call back the day after to retrieve the info. I extracted the file from my Mac after a sync and emailed it to him. He was incredibly helpful and apologetic in the typical Apple way!
    On Apple's support boards, the iPhone 4S battery life dilemma has been a huge subject of debate, with several theories circulating as to why the degraded battery life is an issue. Several users, interestingly enough, have found that backing up the phone's contents to a computer and then restoring it noticeably improves the battery life of the device.

    Have you experienced disappointment with the iPhone 4S battery so far?

    Source: The Guardian
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    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      hmmm.... I must have a defective iPhone 4s when compared to others complaining about batt life. The life on my 4S is noticeably better than my4. I get about 30% more life. http://modmyi.com/images/smilies/suprised.pngCould be that my area has full 3G service with no bar drops. Perhaps its because it is not searching for data service all the time (2g to 3g)
    1. GmAz's Avatar
      GmAz -
      Its just a feature so you never lose your charger.
    1. spider_romeo's Avatar
      spider_romeo -
      Is this failed products....?
    1. Chityuulay's Avatar
      Chityuulay -
      Quote Originally Posted by spider_romeo View Post
      Is this failed products....?
      probably not all 4s, i have 4 phone all 4s on my account , seem like only mine has that problem.
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      I have a problem with my 4s battery as well but I think it's more my fault then phone cause.... I CAN'T KEEP MY HANDS OFF IT! Lmao
    1. ZipZapp's Avatar
      ZipZapp -
      Quote Originally Posted by Adbs98 View Post
      This was the first thing I noticed when using the 4s. Let take today for instance. I pulled my phone off the charger at 8am and it is now 4pm and I have 32% battery life left. WTF is what I say. The worst part about this is yesterday I had turned off all Icloud, all notifications, all push email, wifi, and bluetooth to see if this would fix. Apple please fix your mess!!!
      Better if you let us know when you hit zero. I pulled mine off my charger at 4AM Monday and hit 0 8AM on Wednesday.
    1. DaLsim's Avatar
      DaLsim -
      U 4s user jump on a sliver bullet with no brake on... Now apple wait and see who fall off and why?
    1. allicatmeow's Avatar
      allicatmeow -
      no problems here with my 4S. in fact, I was just raving about it to a friend. been off charge for 12 hours and used consistently - at about 60%.
    1. skyeking69's Avatar
      skyeking69 -
      Yes!!!! my iPhone 4 had a better life than 4S.....Very poor battery life!
    1. ohthatguyagain's Avatar
      ohthatguyagain -
      I read some blah in here about "abusive charging."

      In the late nineties, electronic components makers worked with compaq to fix this issue. Now, the electrical signal that goes to the battery "switches off" on "smart" batteries and bypasses to the rest of the system.

      I have charged my iPhone 4 every night, over night (4-14hrs, depending on the day) since the day the product was released and have no battery degradation issues. Heavy usage with all components powered will land me at 40% by bedtime.
    1. inspectahdeck's Avatar
      inspectahdeck -
      Had some major battery issues with my 4S. Things got so bad, it was draining 1% every 2 minutes, and was running hot on standby. I did a few things to fix the mess:- I did a complete restore- Turned off all the iCloud stuff with the exception of backups and Find My iPhone (I use Google sync anyways)- Disabled the battery widget (this is the culprit I think)Now, my battery life is decent. Took phone off charger at 9am today, lots of calls, texts, web browsing, and at 7:15pm, I'm sitting at 58% battery life. It beats the hell out of losing 1% charge every 2 minutes and having the phone overheating in my pocket while doing nothing.
    1. lkailburn's Avatar
      lkailburn -
      I'm glad to see this posting! I thought I was just crazy. I consistently see a 15-20% battery usage increase. I ran the battery down to 0 twice right away. I do charge it every night and notice that instead of being around 30%-40% it's now usually 10-20% sometimes less at the end of the day. :-(

    1. fraggot's Avatar
      fraggot -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chityuulay View Post
      Yes! i have same problem with verizon iphone 4s and i noticed it 4 days after i got the iphone. i went back to verizon iphone store (2141 86 street store near Bay Pkwy in brooklyn) <-- ( stay away from that store if possible ), which i bought my iphone from and Rep name Woody states that it is normal for iphone 4s to last 5 hours battery life with normal usage, refused to exchange or even test it and asked me to call technical support. I thought i am the only one with that battery issue. and also manager from same store told me i shouldn't charge my iphone over night and it might damage my phone because i told her i charged my phone usually overnight. and she told me i shouldn't be charging more than 4 hours. i guess verizon employee from that store are full of ****. but when i call verizon rep on phone they were very helpful and offered me exchange with another 4s because it is within 14 days.
      There is no Verizon iPhone 4S, there's just the iPhone 4S. The models are exactly the same.
    1. bish0p34's Avatar
      bish0p34 -
      There really is no over-charging batteries anymore. It's just rumor now. The phone stops charging the battery at 100 and let's some of the charge drop off, then starts charging it again. I've picked my phone up after a night on the charger and it would have 98 or 99% on it. That's cos I grabbed it when it hadn't refilled the drop off.
    1. kuhndsn's Avatar
      kuhndsn -
      Quote Originally Posted by fraggot View Post
      There is no Verizon iPhone 4S, there's just the iPhone 4S. The models are exactly the same.
      Yes however he may be talking about the carrier it self. CDMA could use a little more juice.
    1. Nutmeg42's Avatar
      Nutmeg42 -
      I can't really comment on the battery usage as I hadn't used my 4s that much before doing a restore. I had issues with reminders and not being able to add any due to the plus sign not appearing. Turning off reminders in iCloud fixed the issue, but I wasn't happy with that. Performed the restore and then set up the phone from a back up and everything is working as it should even happy with the battery life. Just wondering if doing a restore might help.
    1. MCN's Avatar
      MCN -
      My 4s Battery life was sub par, and I figured it was the new Facebook app. The new app is full of glitches and assumed it had something to do with the Facebook push notifications. So I turned them off. I also remember the 3Gs had battery issues at first, and I read somewhere when plugging the phone into charge overnight, go into settings and turn off fraud warning....open safari to any web page...put the phone to sleep without pressing the home button and it downloads some sort of cache. It worked for my 3gS. Seems to have worked for my 4s as well. I took my phone off the charger at 5:45 a.m. and now at 5:22 p.m. with light use mainly during my one hour lunch break, I am still at 91% and haven't had any noticeable issues with my battery since.
    1. [AMM]Viper's Avatar
      [AMM]Viper -
      Hi,The iPhone battery cannot be overcharged by leaving it plugged into a computer or a USB Power Adapter. Charging stops after the battery is completely charged when the iPhone remains connected to a power source. iPhones, as well as every other Apple product that uses a battery has smart circuitry built into them. The way a battery is considered full depends on the chemical. For example when charging a NiMH battery when it gets full there's a drop in the amount of voltage it uses. That's how battery chargers know when to stop charging them. Now if you take that battery out and then immediately put it back in, you could risk that voltage spike never showing since it's already fully charged, and you could then overcharge the battery.LIon batteries that all the i* products use aren't as smart as that, which is actually good. I honestly don't remember how you tell when one is fully charged. iPods and now iPhones are known for their battery circuitry being too smart for it's own good. That's why you'll see the battery at 50%, plug it in and it immediately jumps to 75%, unplug it and it's at 60%, etc. It's trying to guess how much power you have left. Although you don't have to "re-cycle" a LIon battery for charging, you do have to go through a full discharge/recharge cycle in order for the charging circuitry to learn how the battery charges and to get an accurate guess at how much power is left.This web page: Apple - Batteries provides details about the Lithium-ion polymer batteries used in the iPhone.This web page: Apple - Batteries - iPhone provides tips that will help improve battery life.If you haven't already, try restarting the iPhone by holding the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears> then slide to turn off> and turn the iPhone back on by pressing the Sleep/Wake again, as described on page 46 of the iPhone User Guide.http://manuals.info.apple.com/enus/iPhone_UserGuide.pdf
    1. The naomi's Avatar
      The naomi -
      I think it's an ios5 issue. I'm on ip4 and my battery has been suffering since my iOS 5 update. Hope apple looks into the update as well as the ip4s.
    1. iLoveWindows&iPhone's Avatar
      iLoveWindows&iPhone -
      This years version of "AntennaGate"...

      Has anyone coined the phrase "BatteryGate" yet??! If not....I am taking credit for it!!
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