• IntelliScreenX Public Beta Released

    Intelliborn's highly awaited IntelliScreenX is out in public beta for all.

    A few days ago, ModMyi went in-depth with Intelliborn's upcoming IntelliScreenX to give you an exclusive look and overview on IntelliScreenX has to offer. It was mentioned in the post that a public beta would be released soon, however there was no ETA or indication on when that would happen. The time has now come as Intelliborn has made IntelliScreenX available via a beta repository. It is currently being hosted on their own private repository, however it will be switched to being hosted on ModMyi tomorrow. The beta is available to all users and is free to test. To give IntelliScreenX a shot, add this repository to Cydia:

    As IntelliScreenX is still in beta, the team at Intelliborn is always looking for suggestions, feedback, as well as reports on potential issues and bugs. For any of the above, please contact Intelliborn on Twitter for the time being.

    A couple of things have been changed since the overview a few days ago, but I'll let you explore and find out some of the goodies for yourselves. However, here are two major ones that you'll have fun with:

    • If you have Twitter enabled, go to the Twitter page and tap the header to switch between timeline and mentions
    • Anytime a keyboard is brought up, a character count is available to you (will display after a certain amount of characters)

    • IntelliScreenX is for iOS 5 only
    • Installing IntelliScreenX does not require a reboot. All it needs is a respring
    • There is no iPad support for IntelliScreenX at this time.

    Upon public release (out of beta), IntelliScreenX will be a paid package. For new users, it will be $9.99 and for owners of IntelliScreen, it's $7.99 to upgrade. Those who have bought IntelliScreen within the last 30 days get IntelliScreenX for free.

    Have fun everyone!
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    1. Moreno53's Avatar
      Moreno53 -
      I must say this is really quite well done. It's a killer app for the JB community (at a time when they really need one) and if they can keep it stable and work out all the bugs, this will be the best $7.99 I've ever spent on this phone. Great job to the developers.
    1. Rylax26's Avatar
      Rylax26 -
      Just jailbroke my phone on ios 5 for this tweak...definitely worth it. I took the twitter notifications off 'push' in the settings and it was a little better on battery life
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      This makes me want to jailbreak with tethered just to git this. Hmmmmm
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      I am a little frustrated that I sold the iPhone 4 right about now... That setting widget should have been built into iOS5 to begin with.
    1. BLACKSTEEL1's Avatar
      It's not working for me, keeps crashing to safe mode. I uninstalled SBsettings and still a no go....any suggestions??
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      By the way, for those who purchased intelliscreen before, will we need to buy this version too?

      EDIT: Nevermind, guess I should have read. Would have been nicer to see more than a $2 discount, but beggars can't be choosers.
    1. GunHo198's Avatar
      GunHo198 -
      Nice app, and I understand it's still in beta. But it's a bit of a memory hog. Causes a bit of lag with the notifications center. But then again a lot of other plug ins do the same. I'll give this and apple some time to work out the battery and Ram issues before I try it again.
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      Works good and I love it. But don't touch that clock on the left if you don't want to reboot in safe mode. Another little bug. As I said I love it but they need to do something if possible with the battery drainage.
    1. Theboomr's Avatar
      Theboomr -
      Loving this so far, not sure about battery drain issues. I have SBSettings installed and have no crashes, so I don't know what everyone's problem is.

      Suggestions: allow integration with quick reply apps such as BiteSMS will make this MUCH better for me. Also, there should be n option to set so that if I go into the twitter feed or Facebook, and the close Notification Center, when I open it back up it is back on the actual notifications page and not the twitter feed. It is annoying if I get a notification then open NC and have to swipe to the side to see my actual notifications. This is great though so far
    1. Empyrials's Avatar
      Empyrials -
      This is amazing! Everything works great on my iphone4 even with sbsettings, just wish there was more customization to the different parts. There seems to buy a bit too much of a gap between each calendar items And reminder items tho
    1. Chuck1969's Avatar
      Chuck1969 -
      What's the background called? Like the notification center background is called bulletinlistlinnen, what's the intelliscreen background called?
    1. bm3074's Avatar
      bm3074 -
      this might be the coolest thing to rock my iPhone. its definitely in the freezer
    1. PaulJ08's Avatar
      PaulJ08 -
      Quote Originally Posted by BLACKSTEEL1 View Post
      It's not working for me, keeps crashing to safe mode. I uninstalled SBsettings and still a no go....any suggestions??
      Same for me. It keeps crashing to safe mode....bummer I really wanted to use this
    1. synbios1978's Avatar
      synbios1978 -
      To those with a 3GS, IntelliScreenX was just updated on Cydia to fix the 3GS Facebook issue along with some other things. For anyone having issues, feel free to give the update a try. Facebook is now working on my 3GS.
    1. ByteArt's Avatar
      ByteArt -
      i installed ISX and its working fine, the only problem I'm having is that i use biteSMS iOS 5 Beta, and usually with biteSMS i can reply to texts from notification center, but now, it just brings up the reply/call menu and when i hit reply it takes me into the biteSMS app. I would LOVE this that much more if intelliborn could fix this compatibility issue soon!!
    1. Nicole824's Avatar
      Nicole824 -
      Love it! This adds so many features that are definitely lacking in the default notification center. Does seem to cause faster battery drain, but not too terribly much. Worth it for the added features. One oddity, for me at least - when the "ticker" doesn't have updates in it (ie, it's just the clock), any taps/swipes on the ticker apply directly to the springboard below it. So if I tap on the right side of the ticker, it loads the weather app, which is positioned on my springboard right below where I tapped in the ticker. Or if I swipe left or right and then leave the notification center, I'll find I've suddenly moved to a different page of the springboard. ...Definitely something I can live with, but odd!
    1. iblob's Avatar
      iblob -
      Really wanted to try this but I'm still on 4.3.3 for the untether..sigh
    1. jpalermo08081's Avatar
      jpalermo08081 -
      One issue could be you installed a program from a host that is fragmented or incomplete. You have to delete mobile substrate and then reinstall everything you want bit by bit. Writing it all down in order. You will find the problem child. "issue". So just don't install the issue program from the same host. Then advance. I am here but invisible.
    1. bllewisii's Avatar
      bllewisii -
      Anyone else noticing an issue where even after turning off all Twitter and/or Facebook feeds, the phone still tries to grab location data? I disabled everything I could think of and the dang location icon in the status bar would not disappear. I know pushing the timelines and newsfeeds took a toll on my battery, but it shouldn't have been this bad.
    1. Pronup's Avatar
      Pronup -
      Does anyone know if there is a way to hide emails that have already been read?

      All the email in my Exchange account inbox is showing up and I only want new email in the list! Any help would be great!
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