• Apple's Cash Horde Grows to Over $81 Billion in Third Quarter

    Apple submitted their Form 10-K filling last Wednesday with the SEC revealing the company has $81.57 billion in cash reserves, up from their previously disclosed $75 billion.

    This doesn't mean Apple is sitting on a cartoon like pile of dollar bills, rather the company has a combination of "cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities" valued at over $80 billion. Apple has added an additional $37.5 billion during 2011.

    Roughly 66% of Apple's cash mountain is kept overseas for tax reasons. But, even with all that money sitting around just waiting to spent in new and exotic ways Tim Cook plans to act responsibly. Their purchasing power is unmatched because of it. To put all that money in perspective the Huffington Post named a few ridiculous things Apple could do with $81.5 billion including paying for the U.S. to gather intelligence for an entire year and send 400,000 people to space.

    Saving money and being responsible is boring. Here are a few ther things Apple’s cash horde could be used to purchase if the company so choosed:

    • 540 million Nintendo 3DSs. Analysts still can’t agree on whether or not this number is large enough to make Nintendo relevant again.
    • Enough money to purchase Netfilx subscriptions for the entire world for one month. Roughly four billion people would be able to get both streaming and 1-DVD out at a time plans. A global reality show would be developed to select those users.
    • Enough to purchase every NFL and NBA franchise and rename the teams after Apps.

    • Eighty of these $1 billion moving island-countries known as “yachts.”

    • Bailout Greece and finally implement Steve Jobs endgame vision of iPeople. It’s in his biography. Read it.
    • More money than the GDP of 132 out of the 193 countries in the world today.

    Things it can’t buy:

    This Farmville farm.

    Source: Huffington Post
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