• Apple Reportedly Nearly Done Testing Ultraportable 15-Inch MacBook

    According to Macotakara Apple is nearly finished testing an ultra-thin 15-inch MacBook which could be an extension of the MacBook Air family.

    Citing an Asian source, Macotakara claims Apple has already finished testing an LCD component for the ultra-thin notebook. However, it isnít clear whether or not this ultraportable will be featured alongside the rumored MacBook Pro update next year. The report claims that a 15-inch non-ultraportable MacBook Pro without an optical disc drive is also in development.

    The conflicting nature of the claims in the report and rumors suggest that Apple wont launch a new MBA alongside a redesigned MacBook lineup. Also, releasing a MacBook Pro without an optical disc drive, while something Apple could do down the line, seems counter-productive at this time. Too many pro level users rely on install discs and requiring an external optical drive cuts down on a device's portability.

    Appleís update to the MacBook Pro lineup last week while minor, helped add to the suspicion that Apple would be introducing a completely redesigned MacBook Pro in 2012. This redesign should coincide with release of Intelís next-generation Ivy Bridge processors slated to arrive in the first half of 2012.

    Apple adding a 15-inch MBA seems a little odd. At 15 inches, no matters how thin, a laptop starts becoming less portable. While it may be an engineering marvel and beautiful, it might not be practical and might not have a clearly defined market.

    Source: Macotakara
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