• Apple Retail Shoppers to Enjoy Self Checkout From Updated iOS App

    Making the shopping experience even more seamless is the goal of a new effort by Apple to allow retail shoppers to complete their in-store purchases through an iOS application for the iPhone.

    If reports surfacing over the weekend prove accurate, the ability to finalize purchases at an Apple retail store will arrive - possibly - before the end of this week. The feature will arrive via an update to the official "Apple Store" app. As a result, users can then charge purchases to their iTunes Store account so long as that account is correspondingly linked to an Apple ID and credit card. According to the rumor mill, this option will only allow shoppers to purchase that which is accessible and available in store at that particular time.

    Although the iPhone 4S didn't pack NFC technology (near field communications) for mobile purchases, this updated app feature should be the next best thing for now.

    Earlier this month, Apple customers were - for the first time - given an opportunity to purchase a product online and then pick it up at their nearest Apple store (although this feature was just limited to the San Francisco area). Regardless, between Apple's newest shopping experience features, there's no doubt that the Cupertino tech giant is pulling out all the stops to make the shopping experience more convenient and hassle-free than ever before.

    Source: MacRumors
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