• Apple Already Testing OS X 10.8, What Cat Could it Be?

    Apple is already testing the next version of OS X according to MacRumors and 9to5Mac, who have both reported seeing computers running OS X 10.8 in their web logs.

    The computers running OS X 10.8 started accessing the sites in August and the site requests appear to originate from Apple's HQ in Cupertino and the surrounding areas.

    It should be noted that this timeline is typical of Apple. Shortly after Leopards launch in late 2009, sites started registering hits originating from systems running Lion. Apple's testing timeline appears to consistently start two years before the OS's release. This doesn't mean Apple wont update Lion at all in the next two years. 9to5Mac's sources claim Apple plans on bringing AirPlays mirroring capabilities to Lion giving users the ability to mirror their laptop or desktop screen to any TV connected to an Apple TV.

    Also, iMessage is reportedly making its way to Lion. Many have expressed displeasure with the inability to carry a conversation via iMessage across all of Apple's platforms. With iChat already in place on all Macs the transition to a seamless iMessage experience shouldn't be too difficult, and honestly should have been available with the launch of iOS 5.

    However, the question looming over everyone's head: What large feline member of the animal kingdom will Apple name their next OS X after? Even more, when they finally reach OS XI, will they switch animals?

    Source: 9to5Mac, MacRumors
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