• Hulu Plus App for Apple TV Ready, Apple Conflicted About Release

    Apple is experiencing some internal conflict over the decision whether or not to allow a Hulu Plus App on the Apple TV platform according to 9to5Mac.

    The application has reportedly been finished for as long as month running on Apple TVs inside the Cupertino Campus. Apple TV currently supports a Netflix app that enables users to stream movies natively to their televisions. Hulu Plus would do the same. The indecision on Appleís part doesnít stem from functionality issues, rather it stems from the content each service provides.

    Netflix, by way of its deals with major studios, has had to make some concessions in its content. Most movies and television shows arenít immediately available after they air or release on DVD. Hulu Plus on the other hand gives users access to a ton of new TV shows and movies. Apple is worried this could eat into the iTunes sales of similar movies and TV shows.

    Apple appears to have crippled the Hulu Plus iPad app as well. While it is available, AirPlay is not enabled, and even using HDMI cables to connect the app to a TV results in a SD image. Apple hasnít let third-party developers do much on their A4-enabled Apple TV. Many anticipated its release would usher in an era of Apple TV apps, and games increasing the overall functionality of the device. That hasnít happened yet. Currently Apple only supports YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, and Flickr.

    If Steve Jobs was right and Apple has already figured out how to reinvent the television, maybe theyíre waiting to open up a true Apple TV app store. But, full-fledged Apple LCD TVs are probably more than a couple of years off. Hopefully Apple opens up the Apple TV platform soon.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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