• iOS Takes 62% Mobile Browsing Market Share

    Safari is Apple's premier Web browser for Macs and iDevices.

    iOS is reaching new heights in usage around the world which is highlighted by the sheer enjoyment that the devices bring to their users. Apple managed to reinvent the tablet computer. They were the first to make a cannibalizing tablet and force the other companies to try to copy them. To this day, the iPad still cannibalizes the tablet market and no other company can even come close to the iPad in terms of sales or use. The iPad alone, controls more than half of the market. Android tablets have a hard time competing with the perfect fluidly smooth scrolling of iOS. The only thing that can make an Android tablet look good is that it can run Flash. But unless you want to see Flash ads in your browser, that's not really a plus. If you're searching hard and come across a Flash-based video, the App Store has to covered with a SkyFire browser that lets you watch them. So really, the iPad is limitless; the App Store just makes it do anything that app developers can imagine.

    The iPhone and iPod touch are also part of Apple's iOS line of products. The iPod touch certainly accounts for a huge number of iDevices out there. It's a relatively cheap, contract-free iDevice. So it's no wonder that it's popular. But the iPhone comes in at large numbers too, in fact it's the single best-selling smartphone in the world. So iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches are everywhere. What percent of the market uses iOS? Chances are that if you've been waiting in the airport for your plane that you've seen people fiddling on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Airports are very universal places because they attract people from around the globe (because we all have a common destination to be there in order to get home or to go somewhere). This means that you get a very fair understanding there as to who is using what. Sure you've seen some Android or Amazon tech in the mix, but that's not important...

    So what percent of the market uses iOS to browse the web? Also, how does it compare to its competition? Well, iOS 'Pwns' the market. There's absolutely no question about it. The numbers are shown in the graph below compliments of RealTimeStats.com:

    iOS has 62% of the browsing market. The line is way up at the top of the graph and the rest of the competition are bottom feeding at the base of the graph. It's funny to see, actually. Android is making a marginal gain but it's nowhere close to iOS. Java ME is falling as well as Symbian. iOS is just unmatched when it comes to market share. I wonder why though? iOS has a great web-browsing experience. The Web Pages in iOS 5 can be stripped of ads and clutter using the reader view, the scrolling is fluid-like, and the Web Sites load fast thanks to the Nitro JavaScript engine and iOS 5 speed boosts. Android's browsers, while similarly fast, have clunky GUI's and poor scrolling. No one has ever gotten scrolling right besides Apple; many iOS owners will vouch for it, only the Android fans might argue against that.

    Safari is on more than just the iOS product line, it's also the main browser for Mac computers. It's like the Apple Internet Explorer, as it is the default browser that is pre-installed on all of Apple's machines just as Internet Explorer is the default browser that is pre-installed on Windows machines. Safari has that advantage because Apple puts numerous kinds of its desktop technology into its mobile browser as well.

    The second graph shows the desktop operating systems. It's been included to show the relation of iDevice market share to that of desktops. It's a fact that iDevices have spurred the sales of Macs. At the iPhone 4S keynote, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, shared that the Mac went from around 6% market share up to 23%. He further explained that many of the consumers buying Macs were those who were already iOS device owners. While Mac OS X is still at the bottom of the graph, it's expected that the line will surely begin to climb in the future. In fact, more people are still using Snow Leopard than the people using Lion. Something that we are finally seeing is that Windows XP owners are finally making the switch to Windows 7. So the Safari browser share is most illuminated in the iOS realm. Mac users, like myself, usually download a third party Web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox because of the versatility of extensions and plugins. So until Apple Safari gains more open source features, it probably won't be that popular on the Mac. At least not as popular as it is on iDevices.

    What kind of browser do you use on your mobile devices? How about on your desktops? Share in the comments below.

    Sources: RealTimeStats via AppleInsider
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    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      Sounds awesome iOS Rules!
    1. Dukerdawg's Avatar
      Dukerdawg -
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Bouchard View Post

      Safari is Apple's premier Web browser for Macs and iDevices.
      Speaking of fanbois ^
    1. proopps's Avatar
      proopps -
      Google chrome..as you mention is faster and with plug in. on iDevice will be Mini Opera,cheap and faster,since in South africa is not like the USA...Here we lack of wi-fi and our internet plans suck.So we are in a tight budget...unless a person has money and able to afford..They don't bother doing research with better browser will be better on iPhone.Safari is a good web browser though on my iMac...still go with Firefox or Google chrome...No disrespect to IOS...I am a big fan
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      Mcvirk -

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