• Wirelessly Sync iPhone Pictures with Cinq

    Tunaverse has just released Cinq for iOS 4.2 devices. This clever app will sync iPhone photos wirelessly to your home computer over Wi-Fi and 3G while youíre on the go. This may not be a camera app, but it does allow you to easily manage your photos. Cinq is a free app, but there is a paid version that lacks advertising for $1.99. An iPad version of Cinq is also available for $3.99.

    Apple is reluctant to offer wireless syncing for iOS devices, so itís nice to see that there are app developers out there working hard to fill this need. To use Cinq, just install it on you iOS device, create a user account with Tunaverse, and download the Cinq server software for Mac or PC and log in. Then youíll be good to go.

    Imaging a night on the town, taking pictures all along the way and not having to go to the trouble of connecting iTunes in order to see your pictures on your computer screen. Using Cinq, your photos would be waiting for you once you got home. Cinq also allows you to share photos with Facebook and Twitter. You can upload your own pictures and even download friendís photos directly to the camera roll. Cinq also allows you to access and download iPhoto pictures. Uploaded photos are saved to a Cinq folder on your home computer at full resolution. This may be a minor inconvenience, but the time you save transferring pictures manually, more than makes up for this shortcoming.

    Cinq does have one drawback, however, currently the app does not support multitasking. This will be addressed in a future update, but for now the app must be running in the foreground in order to upload pictures. Also, upload speeds are rather slow at the moment, but this too should improve with future updates. Cinq sort of reminds me of Dropbox only for photos. For now, Cinq is a great way to keep all your photos backed up and in sync.

    Source: TUAW
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