• Parallels Schools VMWare Fusion According To MacTech Report

    The 2011 MacTech Conference began in L.A. today and everyone is busy benchmarking and providing new and useful information. One of the latest benchmark showdowns features the virtualization software options: Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion. At the conference, both apps were tested under Windows 7, and the result: VMWare Fusion gets schooled by Parallels.

    According to MacTech, Parallels won 60% by a factor of 10% or more, and Parallels Desktop 7 beat VMWare Fusion in nearly 75% of the tests run. It seems that Parallels is the clear cut winner here for those of you who are seeking virtualization software. VMWare was faster in a few different places such as starting up or shutting down the virtual Windows machine. Parallels came out ahead on nearly all other points such as the speed charts, including the 3D tests and tests of most commonly used apps on the system. You can hit the source link below to see full details regarding the tests and their results.

    The report concluded by stating the obvious, that virtualization software is better than ever. If you ever need to run Windows 7 (or another virtual operating system installation) inside of your Mac system – Parallels will be the way to go. The report that MacTech has released is quite extensive so if you are interested in reading about every little detail and learning more information about the topic, don’t hesitate to check it out.

    Stay tuned for more info from this week’s MacTech conference.

    Source: MacTech
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