• Apple Taking Substandard Accessory Makers to Court

    In case you missed it during what's been a busy week of governmental sanctioning of jailbreaking and international Apple product releases, there has been another story on the back-burner that is surfacing again in full this weekend. And perhaps its an issue with which many MMi readers are well acquainted.

    If you've ever purchased a knock-off brand iPhone charger, for example, only to have it fall apart, short out, or fail to work altogether only a short while after purchasing it, Apple is looking out for you. Actually, Apple is also looking out for itself in hopes of getting you to stop buying cheap third party accessories and stick with the official stuff.

    If you haven't heard, Apple is heading back to the courtroom, but this time it's Apple that's doing the suing. The tech giant has filed a complaint noting that many iPod, iPhone, and iPad accessories are of "inferior quality and reliability, raising significant concerns over compatibility with and damage to Apple’s products."

    Of course, this is far from a general swipe at third party accessory makers. Specifically, Apple is calling attention to Accstation, Boxware Corporation, Crazyondigital, Eforcity Corporation, Everydaysource, Itrimming, and United Integral. The Bloomberg report, however, mentions that an additional twenty companies may also wind up within Apple's legal cross-hairs.

    Apple Inc. sued companies it said are selling unauthorized electronic accessories such as chargers, speakers and cables for the iPod music player, iPhone and iPad tablet computer.
    In a nutshell, Apple is not only strengthening its choke hold on businesses that take away dollars from the tech giant, but also making an issue out of the reality that many accessory makers aren't adequately modifying or updating their products to reflect the changing models and tweaked specifications of new generation products - a reality that, according to Apple, may render some iDevice attributes or features unusable.

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