• Loren Brichter - Lead Developer of Twitter For iOS Platform Leaves Company

    If you, like me, are a Twitter addict and a long time iPhone user, then you are probably familiar with Loren Brichter. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Loren was the developer of the popular iPhone app called Tweetie, which was later renamed as “Twitter for iPhone.” Twitter ended up buying Brichter’s company, Atebits, last year and incorporated his work into the official Twitter app. After working at Twitter briefly, Loren who was the lead developer of Twitter for iPhone and iPad is leaving the company. Loren previously tweeted that Friday was his last day working at Twitter.

    One of Loren’s coolest contributions to the iOS ecosystem was the “pull to refresh” UI trick. This was originally introduced by him in the Tweetie app back in 2009, since then a number of developers from companies as big as Facebook and Google have used the UI trick in their apps. I personally have grown accustomed to the feature and find content based apps which lack this feature to be quite irritating.

    For those of you who are interested in his work, he has taught a half-hour iOS app lesson at Stanford University, which can be found on YouTube now. Check it out below:

    Hopefully the Twitter team ends up continuing to provide new and improved features for the iOS platform. Who knows, maybe Loren will end up creating another unique and revolutionary app as his next move.

    Source: @lorenb
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