• Two Steve Jobs Interviews Re-Emerge - One Of Them In Select Theaters

    There have been a slew of Steve Jobs interviews surfacing recently and two more have resurfaced. From the series; Machine That Changed The World: The Program Paperback Computer a 50 minute Steve Jobs interview with outtakes has re-emerged. Furthermore, there seems to be another 70-minute “lost interview” which is actually hitting movie theaters in just a few weeks.

    The Machine That Changed The World: The Program Paperback Computer interview can be seen below:

    The 70-minute “lost interview” from 1995, featuring Steve Jobs and journalist Robert Cringley (which was just a pseudonym for Mark Stephens), has just reappeared and will be shown in select theaters as Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview. This interview was originally filmed for the “Triumph of the Nerds” PBS minseries. It was thought to have been lost after the master tapes went missing during shipping. Less than 10 minutes of footage was originally aired during the series but just last month, a VHS copy of the interview was found in London. It has been enhanced and restored since then. The footage is supposedly billed as the “best TV interview Jobs ever gave.” It is especially well-known for containing a section where the late Apple co-founder strongly criticizes Microsoft.

    Mark Stephens, the journalist who was known by the pseudonym Robert Cringely, was actually one of the first employees at Apple. He met Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at the Homebrew Computer Club in the 1970s and later ended up writing a column in Infoworld in the 1980s named The Cringely moniker. According to Cringely, the interview is best described as “a moment in time” because it captures Jobs during his “wilderness years. The interview was done at the time where NeXT, was in trouble after Jobs was ousted from Apple all while Apple was facing issues as well.

    The film is produced by Paul Sen and not yet rated. It will screen on November 16th and 17th at the following Landmark Theaters:

    You can watch some of the Triumph of the Nerds screenings below:

    Are any of you going to be watching the "lost interview" in theaters? Share your thoughts and opinions of any of the Steve Jobs interviews you have already seen below!

    Source: 9to5Mac
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