• Some iPhone 4Ss Muting Outgoing Calls

    Appleís iPhone 4S battery life issue isn't the phone's only problem. A twenty-nine page thread in the Apple Support forums contains user complaints about not being able to hear anything when making outgoing calls.

    The bugóreported on all three major carriersódoesnít occur with every call, but occasionally prevents outgoing callers from hearing anything in their earpiece when making a call. Some cases appear worse than others with a few users reporting up to 50% of their outgoing calls being muted in their earpiece. Oddly enough users on the other end of the call often claim they could hear the muted caller on the other end.

    So far Apple hasnít even acknowledged the problem. A number of users are on their second or third iPhone 4Ss and continue to experience the problem. The problem is most likely a driver issue and number of workaround have already popped up.

    Current Workarounds:

    • Dialing the number from the keypad.
    • Using Siri to make a call.
    • Toggling the speakerphone on and off.
    • Have headphones plugged in.

    Itíll be interesting to see if Apple officially acknowledges this complaint. A number of blogs, and news networks have picked the story up. More users are likely to come forward who didnít even realize what they were experiencing was a problem. Hopefully Apple issues a fix soon and the annoying workarounds become a thing of the past.

    Any MMi members experiencing muting problems with their outgoing calls on the iPhone 4S?

    Source: Apple Support Forums [Via Gizmodo]
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Some iPhone 4Ss Muting Outgoing Calls started by Phillip Swanson View original post
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    1. ARon145's Avatar
      ARon145 -
      this happened to my iphone 4 iOS 5. what i did was reboot it. not jbed btw.
    1. justinpotter81's Avatar
      justinpotter81 -
      This happens constantly on my wife's AT&T 4S, but not mine. She uses no Bluetooth or headsets. After she toggles the the speaker on/off the audio is oddly restored on her end. ❔❔❔❔
    1. iPhoenix3g's Avatar
      iPhoenix3g -
      Yep I have this problem sometimes, but not 100% of the time. Very Odd.
    1. that_girl's Avatar
      that_girl -
      Wow, the iPhone 4S is having more issues than the iPhone 4 did. Dang.
    1. Megaorange's Avatar
      Megaorange -
      No problem here
    1. Senyaichiya's Avatar
      Senyaichiya -
      I never had that problem just the echo echo echo.
    1. powello18's Avatar
      powello18 -
      Iv got it bad, sometimes my iPhone won't recognize the hands free that came with my iPhone and when I plug it in, the phone switches to speaker thinking the microphone doesn't work and I just have to end the call start again etc to get it goin.
      Might as well have a pc with all the bugs goin on
    1. lkailburn's Avatar
      lkailburn -
      Have not experienced this on my 4s.

    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      It's happened once, person I was talking to kept saying Hello Hello but I could here her find. I didn't face mute her. A problem I've had is sometimes the speaker gets super quiet even when turned all the way up in the middle of watching a video.
    1. Carvensno's Avatar
      Carvensno -
      Could be using a cheap BT Headset. Has happen to me in the past! I find as long as you go with a well known manufacturer Plantronics, Jabra and etc... seems not to be any problems. The cheaper ones tend to have problems, they will connect then disconnect or wont even auto connect at all and etc... Currently have and using "Plantronics Voyager Pro HD" and not having any issues at all.
    1. Blue1k's Avatar
      Blue1k -
      Not because of cheap headsets. I am using 2 different blue ant headsets and a jawbone. All have the same issue. This is a driver problem.
    1. Hyshai29's Avatar
      Hyshai29 -
      This has been documented in the jb community before. It has been an issue since at least 4.2. To reproduce it, a few steps: 1) Open an app 2) Now [I]without[I] exiting app Lock the screen/device 3) Now unlock the device 4) Re-lock it 5) Initiate a call from the lockscreen (BiteSMS, LockInfo etc. (basically any openURL tel:// from the lockscreen causes it) ) Now it should be muted from sound on your end. The dialed party will be able to hear you though. It doesn't happen every time, seems to be more of a problem when RAM is running low.
    1. jOnGarrett's Avatar
      jOnGarrett -
      poor battery, echo during calls, muted calls? So are these iOS 5 issues or iPhone 4S issues?
    1. frjuan's Avatar
      frjuan -
      Quote Originally Posted by jOnGarrett View Post
      poor battery, echo during calls, muted calls? So are these iOS 5 issues or iPhone 4S issues?
      Yyaaaaaaaaawnnn... How I miss those "I'm a Mac" commercials. Are you a Mac or a Pc???
    1. avenger's Avatar
      avenger -
      that's what happens when you rush a product out into the market!!!! Apple still haven't learned from previous releases.... Still its not all doom and gloom for them but its becoming a pattern with them that will impact on the rush to buy future products from apple.... And to balance the argument Samsung/google aren't much better either....
    1. Megaorange's Avatar
      Megaorange -
      The only prob I have is battery. 10% lost in airplane mode over school day
    1. Daviehansen's Avatar
      Daviehansen -
      I have had a few issues with my phone muting. But I've had other issues as well. Sometimes when I make calls the person on the other end can't here me... It's happened 4-5 times.
    1. tonysstudio's Avatar
      tonysstudio -
      Sometimes after using Bluetooth in my car for about an hour the phone won't make lock / unlock sounds. Text sounds work half time furring this time. Frustrating. Anyone else have this issue??
    1. Joseph Andrade's Avatar
      Joseph Andrade -
      I made an account just to comment on this annoying issue. Happens to me 2-5 times a day on phone calls with no headset. It's very annoying. I thought it was just my phone. Does anyone suggest going in to an apple store to try to swap it out for a different 4s? Or could it be fixed via an update of iOS?
    1. MadScot's Avatar
      MadScot -
      My 4s mutes every other call and randomly unmutes itself, or it may unmute when i pull it away from my ear. Maybe a proximity sensor issue!? Very annoying
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