• Apple Almost Ready to Open Its Retail Doors at Grand Central Station

    It's one of the most hotly anticipated retail openings in recent memory. Apple's retail store inside New York's Grand Central Terminal is almost finished and will be open in time for the holiday shopping season. The architecturally striking store will cover a massive 23,000 square-foot range - roughly 3,000 square feet more than Apple's current biggest stores.

    Although Apple has been low-key in its remarks about the forthcoming grand opening, the store could generate huge revenue for the company given the foot traffic it sees on a daily basis. Nearly three-quarters of a million people pass this location daily, and substantially more near the holidays. In addition, more than 20 million tourists pass through annually.

    Employees at the new store are presently being trained ahead of the store's tentatively planned grand opening later this month (possibly in time for Black Friday sales in the early morning hours following the Thanksgiving holiday).

    In case you're wondering, Apple is paying a pretty penny to have their new shop inside this New York City landmark. According to published reports, Apple is coughing up more than $1 million in rent annually, whereas the previous occupant was only charged $263,997.

    Source: CNET
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