• Java Update for OS X Lion + Snow Leopard

    Some Mac users can grab a Java update today.

    Java is an important part of your computer, it even powers billions of other devices. It's a piece of software that is important for web browsers and more. Java is recommended for everyone that uses a computer. Windows users can download Java from Java's main website while Mac users get a special kind of Java that Apple provides as updates through Macintosh Apple Software Update.

    Today's Java update:

    The update brings stability to Java for Mac users who run Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard. It also brings security updates. Java is of course a multi-platform application, so security is always welcome. The update also brings Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_29.

    As always, close your web browsers before updating and it is recommended that you reboot the computer after installing the update.
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