• Apple Trains Retail Managers About Unions

    The folks over at CNET have obtained an internal document which details training Apple has given retail managers on how to respond to employees who unionize. The training is likely to have already taken place and apparently is mandatory for all new Apple Store managers. According to the description of the training, the “course is intended to provide managers with a practical understanding of how unions affect the workplace, how and why employees organize, and the legal do’s and don’ts of dealing with unions. This is a mandatory class for all new managers, and is required biannually for all managers.”

    The training seems to be coming about six months after Apple Retail workers in the Pacific Northwest attempted to unionize. “We work in one of the most demanding retail environments while suffering through unfair treatments and compensation among many other various issues,” the group claimed. What unionizing would do is allow retail employees the opportunity to negotiate these grievances, but the folks over at CNET note that an expert on unions told them that Apple’s large retail success makes it unlikely that any of the negotiations would end up going very far.

    The whole idea seems to be a good move on Apple’s behalf as it ensures that Apple will maintain the control over their employees. What makes Apple stand out from many other competitors are not only the products they provide but also the whole experience you get when purchasing their products from their retail store. The Apple employees help make the experience much better and keeping them satisfied means Apple’s success and better consumer experience at Apple stores will both continue.

    Source: CNET
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