• Asus, Acer Cut MacBook Air Competing Ultrabook Orders By 40%

    Acer and Asus have cut order for their MacBook Air competing Ultrabooks by as much as 40 percent according to Digitimes.

    The report cites struggling sales as the reason for the cuts. Both Acer and Asus anticipated ordering as many as 300,000 Ultrabooks by the end of 2011. But, with first-month sales of Windows-based Ultrabooks reportedly “unsatisfactory” producers cut orders to between 150,000 and 180,000 units according to Digitimes who cited sources at design manufacturers.

    The report claims Asustek and Acer are focusing their efforts on after May 2012 in preparation for a surge of demand in October 2012 in accordance with Windows 8’s release. Windows Ultrabooks have suffered additionally from a higher entry point than Apple’s $999 MBA as well as the economic troubles affecting consumers across the globe.

    Windows Ultrabook makers must breach the sub $1,000 market, and present products that show a distinct advantage over the similarly priced MacBook Air. The problem is, Apple controls much of the manufacturing equipment necessary to produce the metal unibody design of the MBA. This control of the overseas supply chain has prevented Windows manufacturers from producing cheaper and equally impressive alternatives. While some manufacturers have had success creating new thinner chassis using carbon fiber, it still isn’t cheap and easy enough to produce on a large-scale to compete with the $999 MBA.

    In the coming year Apple will be seeing competition from other manufacturers in the Ultrabook landscape. But, it may not come from Ultrabooks. It might come from the Asus Transformer Prime.

    Source: Digitimes
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