• Third-Party Hardware Add-Ons To Be Possibly Featured in Apple Retail Stores

    Third-party hardware add-ons for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch; otherwise known as "appcessories" are soon to be featured more actively in Apple Stores according to a report by T3. App-connected hardware seems to be getting more and more popular as time goes on and soon, Apple may hop the bandwagon by expanding it to a new section in their retail stores. Jawbone’s vice president and head of special projects Bandar Antabi feels that Apple is coming close and closer to reaching the point where these appcessories will be sold more prominently. Here is what he had to say:
    Appcessories are going to play a significant role in the future of smartphones and applications. We will begin to see more and more companies integrate applications with accessories and other devices that can complement your smartphone experience. [...] There is a lot of motivation for retailers to create specific appcessory sections within their storefronts to better promote this growing range of products.
    Appcessories are becoming more and more popular with many companies creating innovative products that work hand-to-hand with apps found in iTunes to provide users with a unique experience (or provide convenience). Products such as Logitech’s Harmony Link, which turns your iOS device into a universal remote or Jawbone’s Up, which is a bracelet whose goal is to help you live a healthier lifestyle are both examples of appcessories that have had a lot of buzz around them. T3’s record is a bit spotty with Apple speculation and Antabi probably doesn’t know much about Apple’s future retail strategy but from a logical stand point, it seems to make sense. I don’t see why Apple wouldn’t start carrying products that are used in conjunction with their iOS devices to provide users further functionality and/or fulfill more uses.

    What do you think? Are there any appcessories you own or have an eye on? Share any products and thoughts below!

    Source: T3
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    1. Maverick00's Avatar
      Maverick00 -
      Hm.... Sounds like a great idea. I dig the idea of this since then the 3rd party Apps that go with the accessories get some attention. More specifically, the Jawbone Thoughts app. I prefer talking to texting, but with complications of minutes and having to multitask constantly, I think thoughts could be a nice alternative. (Though, it'd be even better if Apple bought the app rights and integrated it into iMessage / the Message app so that it can run through a phone company's texting plan somehow....)I also think the measly, little accessory section in the back of the store doesn't get enough attention, so this might help out a bit.
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