• Sony Aiming to Beat Apple in Entry to Connected TV Market?

    While Apple is yet to officially announce the new product category, it is a foregone conclusion that the Mac maker and mobile tech giant is laying the groundwork for an entirely new product: iOS-powered connected TVs that will likely integrate with Siri.

    Seared into our memory are the comments made by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs shortly before his passing - comments that confirm Apple's interest in developing connected HDTVs. With the cat out of the bag so to speak, Apple's biggest rivals in the consumer electronics realm are preparing to compete with Apple before the titans from Cupertino establish an insurmountable lead in yet another market.

    As the Wall Street Journal reported this morning, Sony CEO Howard Stringer (pictured above) admitted that he has "no doubt" that Apple is gearing up for a connected TV product push. And he's vowing to not let Apple do to this market what it didn't to the realm of tablet computers - dominate it without any formidable competition.

    But if you're looking for details of Sony's plan to tackle this burgeoning market, Stringer didn't devolve any specifics except to say that Sony has a lot on the drawing board and that "there's a tremendous amount of R&D going into a different kind of TV set."

    Regardless of the scarcity of specifics, Stringer says Sony and Apple have the same goal - to reinvent the traditional TV. "That's what we're all looking for," Stringer admitted. "We can't continue selling TV sets [the way we have been]. Every TV set we all make loses money."

    Source: WSJ
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