• iCloud Down For Many Users (Update: Running Again)

    Apple's iCloud service seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties as many users are reporting the service to be not working properly. According to Apple's System Status support page, the service is down for some users. Apple has mentioned the following: "Users may be unable to access iCloud services. Normal service will be restored ASAP" as seen in the picture above.

    It currently hasn't been specified why this issue has risen but rest assured, Apple is working to quickly resolve the matter. I would imagine the issue would be resolved as soon as possible as iCloud not working properly would probably anger and frustrate quite a number of iOS device owners.

    Have any of you tried connecting to iCloud recently? Were you able to or is it not working for you either? Let us know in the comments below!

    Source: Apple Support (Thanks to MMi user FBIRyuJin for sending this in)

    Update: The service is officially back up:

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