• Mac OS X Lion Shares Growing Quickly

    Mac OS X Lion, Apple's newest desktop and laptop operating system, is growing very quickly.

    Mac OS X Lion was announced by Steve Jobs, Apple's previous CEO, sometime this summer and since then it has come a long way. It's been through numerous betas and updates, and many are warming up to the feel of the new multi-touch gestures and full screen applications. It also sports new features such as Mission Control and Launchpad which are absolutely beautiful ways to navigate through applications on your computer. Many applications are being updated to support Mac OS X Lion specifically even though many Mac OS X Snow Leopard applications were already compatible. These apps include updates such as speed enhancements, full screen capabilities, and multi-touch support. One such application is Google Chrome, a popular Web Browser that has gained support for multi-touch Web Page navigation and full screen mode. There are countless others, but that's not going to be the highlight of this article.

    Since Lion's launch, the numbers of Mac users updating to it is absolutely stunning. Apple's computer share is now 23% as Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, reported at the iPhone 4S unveiling. This is way up from a number that was previously in the mid single digits. But what's being installed on all of these Macs that Apple is selling? When Apple released Mac OS X Lion, they offered a program that allowed qualifying Mac owners who had previously bought a Mac close to the release of Lion the ability to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion for free with a special promo code that the user could enter in the Mac App Store to download Lion for free. I was one of those lucky qualifiers as I had just bought the 2011 MacBook Pro in July. Boy, can I say, I enjoy Mac OS X Lion more than I liked Snow Leopard. That's saying a lot because Snow Leopard was the operating system that powered my first Mac and I grew to love it.

    So what are other people saying about Mac OS X Lion? Mac App Store Reviews:
    "To get straight to the point, OS X Lion is the best major release of Mac OS ever."
    "Upgrading to Lion was a good move."
    "Two words. User interface. It's amazing and really smart thinking by Apple."

    Mac OS X Lion has around a four-star rating. It has numerous good reviews, and with the good come the bad. But overall, Lion is a great choice for Mac users with a multi-touch track pad or Magic Mouse. Looking at the numbers:

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard still captures 49% of the Mac market. This isn't surprising, as some Mac users have taken a liking to Snow Leopard. But already, in just a few months after its release, 30% of Mac users are running Mac OS X Lion. That is absolutely amazing! As Tim Cook said at the iPhone 4S unveiling, Mac OS X Lion is gaining a faster growth in user base than Windows 7 did during its launch. In other words, more Mac OS X Snow Leopard users have upgraded to Mac OS X Lion than Windows Vista users upgraded to Windows 7 in the first few months of launch. The number difference isn't a marginal difference either. It's a huge difference. Looking at the second graph in the picture above, you can see how quickly Mac OS X Lion is growing in popularity for Mac users. Windows 7 looked very flat compared to that as Tim Cook pointed out at the iPhone 4S unveiling.

    So Mac OS X Lion is an awesome operating system gaining many new users each day. Some from updating, some from buying new Macs. How many ModMyi readers are running Mac OS X Lion? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: AppleInsider
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