• iTunes Match Libraries Being Wiped Once Again - Launch Imminent

    Apple has sent out yet another email informing beta users of the iTunes Match cloud library service that current libraries will be wiped ahead of the service’s launch. The new scheduled time for the wipe is November 12th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

    As you probably already know, Apple missed the launch of iTunes Match by the end of October and still hasn’t announced the new launch date. With the current libraries being wiped once again and Apple’s choice of words in the email to developers, the launch doesn’t seem that far off. As of right now, no one is sure as to what Apple's plans are as the company sent out the same email previously and everyone was expecting the service to be launched by now but it still hasn't surfaced. It is quite apparent that Apple wants to make sure they have everything (or most things) ironed out before releasing the service to the public.

    The email to developers can be found below:

    I personally rather wait for the service to be refined for the masses than for Apple to release a service filled with bugs. How do you feel about the whole ordeal? Are you planning on purchasing the iTunes Match service? Share any thoughts below!

    Source: Apple
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