• MiTime Enables FaceTime on Unsupported Carriers

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLdlhQYK52g]YouTube - FaceTime® on unofficial carriers.[/ame]

    The developer of PushFix has released a new app called MiTime which is designed to benefit users who unlock their iPhone 4 and would like to use FaceTime.

    MiTime will enable the user to use FaceTime on unsupported carriers such as T-Mobile US. This is actually rather impressive considering that these carriers do not even offer the iPhone at all. The app should work in almost every country except for Cambodia, and Bolivia (Tigo).

    You should ensure that you can receive an international SMS in order for this to properly work, (you can try this FREE site to test whether you can receive a message) as this is part of the process required to activate the FaceTime.

    You will be required to purchase MiTime first, for $5.99, in order for the app to authorize before it installs. Not a bad price for those who couldn't use FaceTime on their carrier.

    For more information you visit the official website: MiTime.info
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