• Apple Store Genius Bars to Say 'Hi' to iPad 2's; 'Bye' to MacBook Pro's

    The Apple genius bar is the section of the Apple Store that assists with repairs.

    Normally, when you walk into an Apple Store you see a large wooden desk that houses a number of Apple employees with a MacBook Pro in front of them. This is usually where you go when you have a problem with one of your devices and one of the representatives behind the desk will try to help you fix it on the spot. It's called the Genius bar because it resembles that of a bar in that there are stools and people behind a desk who listen to your problems (as the old story goes with bartenders at bars). The MacBook Pro's used are usually the newest line of 17 inch MacBook Pro's and they are loaded with software that help representatives with a myriad of possible customer issues. You can even pay for what you are buying at the Genius bar. But, thanks to the fact that the Apple Store app from the App Store was recently updated to allow self-checkout, that usefulness of the Genius bar might be evaporating. Also, so might the lineup of MacBook Pro's at the genius bar.

    Apple is considering removing the stationed MacBook Pro's from from Genius bar in place of iPad 2's which would allow for better portability around the store. This means that if there are long lines or the store is crowded, Genius bar representatives will be able to travel to a less packed area of the store to help you. There are some minor disadvantages to this too, however. The iPad 2 is considerably slower than the top of the line 17 inch MacBook Pro. This could mean slower processing of your data. Also, iOS is a closed operating system while Mac is an open operating system. Apple would have to make a very special software for the iPad 2's that would be able to run on iOS. This could be difficult, but as Apple is the maker of the product, you cannot expect any less than for them to find a way to make it 'just work' in their favor. So I don't see any problems regarding the software. But iPad 2's would certainly allow for more space at the Genius bar than those large stationary computers.

    Should Apple just eliminate the Genius bar and train all Apple Store employees to fix customer problems using iPad 2's? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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