• MacBook Air Accounts for 28% Of Apple’s Notebook Shipments

    According to some NPD figures by Morgan Stanley, the impact of the MacBook Air’s mid 2011 update is becoming very apparent. In May, Apple’s MacBook Air accounted for a mere 8% of Apple’s notebook shipments and in October that value jumped to 28%.

    Since Apple discontinued the plastic MacBook in July (with exceptions for educational sales), it is safe to say that the MacBook Pro accounts for the bulk of the remaining 72% shipments. Apple probably keeps a close eye on the supply chains, with shipment numbers probably reflecting very close on actual number sales. The deletion of the plastic MacBook from the notebook lineup probably accounts for some of the MacBook Air’s new-found success.

    The big upgrade the MacBook Air received in July is probably the bigger factor in the new-found popularity, and more specifically the addition of Thunderbolt vastly expanded the device’s capabilities. Furthermore, the i5 and i7 processors probably helped make the MacBook Air an attractive standalone Mac for the first time. With the success of the Air lineup, the MacBook Air may eventually take over the MacBook Pro as Apple’s most popular notebook model in the future.

    NPD’s figures also indicates 11% year over year growth in overall PC shipments in October, with a retail growth of 3% and commercial shipments up 27%. The Cupertino giant grew 34% year over year among the commercial shipments tracked by NPD. All in all, the trend continues to be indicative of the success Apple has been seeing.

    Are you surprised with the numbers? How do you feel about the MacBook Air? Share your thoughts below!

    Source: AppleInsider
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