• Stanford University Launches (FREE) iOS 5 App Development Course

    Jobs and Stanford have a good history together.

    Stanford University is launching a free online class so that students can learn how to develop applications for iOS 5 on Apple's iDevice lineup. As OSX Daily reports, the lectures for learning the basics for coding in iOS 5 can be downloaded for free from iTunes U. Here's a link to the free download from iTunes. This is a great introductory course from a very good university. I recommend all who are interested in taking up programming for iOS to check out this download so that maybe one day you can become an iOS developer. After all, it's free!

    The downloadable lectures in iTunes comes with the following description:
    Tools and APIs required to build applications for the iPhone platform using the iPhone SDK. User interface designs for mobile devices and unique user interactions using multitouch technologies. Object-oriented design using model-view-controller pattern, memory management, Objective-C programming language. iPhone APIs and tools including Xcode, Interface Builder and Instruments on Mac OS X. Other topics include: core animation, bonjour networking, mobile device power management and performance considerations.
    iOS 5 development is as fun as development for iOS has always been. Developers really enjoy developing for iOS and many developers wish that they had taken up iOS development instead of what they are already developing for, as we reported yesterday in 91% of app developers prefer the iOS platform. So why not try it out?

    Another thing to note is how connected Stanford University was with Steve Jobs. Remember that amazing speech that Steve Jobs gave at Standford University back in 2005?

    The free course lectures can be downloaded from iTunes by anyone, but there are of course, some prerequisites as OSX Daily tells us. First, you need a Mac. All great development for iOS is done on a Mac. All of the awesome great developers of the App Store have Macs and they build their applications in xCode. xCode is another tool you will need. It's a Mac-only program that is used to build and structure your applications. You can build Mac OS X applications and iOS applications in xCode. xCode is free in the Mac App Store can be downloaded here. As well as xCode, to build your own iOS applications you will need the iOS SDK (Software Development Kit). That is also a free download and be downloaded here. If you are interested in building applications for iOS, these are some great things to play around with. Also, maybe you will choose to become a jailbreak tweak developer. Jailbreak tweaks are also formed using development tools like xCode and iOS SDK. So if these things sound interesting to you, I hope you will check it out.

    Be weary that this material assumes that you have some prior knowledge of C programming. If you don't maybe you can pick up a book, or select a course from a college near you.

    Are you interested in learning iOS 5 development? Share in the comments below!

    Sources: OSX Daily
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