• iPhone Winning Against BlackBerry for Enterprise Crown

    BlackBerry loses its enterprise title to the iPhone.

    BlackBerry is a common smartphone type for business personnel. The iPhone on the other hand was always behind BlackBerry in the enterprise world. Until now. The iPhone is now taking leads on BlackBerry for enterprise users. It's not hard to understand why either. With iOS increasing support for many services thanks to our trusty App Store developers, the iPhone is outshining any other App Store market in the world. The App Store has numerous apps that are useful for people in enterprise such as iWork, Mail, Calendar, Reminders, and several third party vendor applications that can be downloaded in the App Store both for free and for a cost. iOS also provides an intuitively easy-to-use but powerful interface which is almost fully GUI-based and requires nearly no thinking on the user's part. There are no funky command lines. Just touch and drag to get most of your work done; something that Apple is well known for. Piece of cake.

    The following graph, compliments of AppleInsider, shows how the Apple iPhone has taken a significant leap across the enterprise boards in comparison to BlackBerry as well as many of the other smartphone vendors from 2010 into this year; 2011:

    iOS (Android too) has made a significant gain in the enterprise world. Albeit Android is also gaining, the iPhone is by far in the lead over all of the other vendors. The other vendors are in fact plummeting marginally. How about the future though?
    When asked about future purchases, 18 percent said they planned to buy an iPhone, while 11.2 percent were eying Android, 3.6 percent a Windows Phone model, and just 2.3 percent saying they wanted a BlackBerry, indicating that RIM's share will likely continue to drop.

    The survey involved employees at 1,100 businesses around the world, about half of whom were from North America. Europe represented 32 percent of the respondents, while 12 percent were from the Asia Pacific region.
    It looks like Apple's iPhone has a nice future ahead of them too. A great deal of enterprise workers who are not currently owning an iPhone already, plan to buy one as their next phone for work. I don't blame them; the iPhone is shiny.

    Do you own a BlackBerry? What will your next phone be? Share in the comments!

    Sources: AppleInsider
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    1. ratbrain's Avatar
      ratbrain -
      berry for work. email/calendar/global contact list management still the best. banging out work emails require keyboard and berry still has the best physical keyboard. as an entertainment/multimedia device. iphone hands down. sucks to have to carry both...
    1. delusion950's Avatar
      delusion950 -
      I want the same phone Chuck Norris used in Vietnam and Rambo.
    1. Beastly L92's Avatar
      Beastly L92 -
      Man, it's gotta suck to be Blackberry. They're getting their underwear pulled over their heads. In public.

      If RIM exists in 2013, I'll be seriously shocked.
    1. iRich's Avatar
      iRich -
      @Delusion950 Chuck Norris wasn't in Rambo, ****. AMERICA!
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      Quote Originally Posted by ratbrain View Post
      sucks to have to carry both...
      certainly don't have to. This is a choice.
    1. confucious's Avatar
      confucious -
      What does this graph show? Why do the totals come to more than 100%?

      What matters most to enterprisesis security, everything else is just a bonus. Secure email is where the Blackberry was way ahead, but the iPhone is catching up.
    1. thomaspeter's Avatar
      thomaspeter -
      The total of 2011 comes is more than 100% which means that the graph is not a true one and is just made to show that Apple is above others, I now doubt the authenticity of this news. This news was basically based on the graph but if the graph has problem, then we should not talk about the rest of the news at all.
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