• 15 Year Record: Mac Worldwide Market Share Shatters 5%

    With the strong gains in Asia Pacific during the third quarter, Apple finally saw its worldwide share of the PC market pass the 5% mark for the first time in 15 years. Needham & Co. analyst Charlie Wolf informed investors on Wednesday that Mac shipment in the third quarter has outpaced the PC market for the 22nd straight quarter. Apple had a growth of 24.6% whereas the PC only saw growth of 5.3%.

    Apple posted record Mac sales of 4.89 million for this time period and according to Wolf, this was enough to help Apple break its record. The company seems to be climbing up from 4.9% in June and 4.4% one year ago. "More impressively, the growth in Mac shipments in the past year represented 20% of the growth in worldwide PC shipments," he said. To help further clarify things, Wolf noted that Apple’s September quarter Mac shipments exceeded the annual Mac shipments for all years prior to 2006.

    In the home and business markets, Mac shipments significantly performed PCs. Apple saw a 25.6% growth in the home market. If you look at the dollar share, the Mac took up 14% share of the worldwide home PC market, which is more than double its current market share. Shipments in the business market were nine times the market pace with 43.8% against 4.8%. Wolf mentioned that the strong Mac shipment growth found in the past six quarters for the business market reflects a rising trend for the Cupertino giant. This is partly due to the new CEO, Tim Cook, who has said that he is more willing to work with enterprise customers than his predecessor, Steve Jobs.

    With all the success Apple continues to have, they did lag behind in other areas such as education and government markets. The company posted just 2.9% growth in Mac shipments to education customers for the quarter, compared to the PC market’s 16.9%. In the government market, Apple actually saw a decline in Mac shipments, though the decline was just 0.6%. According to Wolf, the poor performance in the education market is due to cannibalization of Mac sales by the iPad, which surpassed Mac sales in the K-12 education market.

    The fastest growing geographic region for Apple was Asia Pacific with a whopping 57.2% growth for the quarter. Japan trailed behind with a growth of 49.6% and surprisingly Apple saw an impressive growth of 19.5% in Europe. This is all in comparison to the rest of the markets 10.7% contraction in the region. As expected here, China was the “key driver of growth” for Asia Pacific according to Wolf.

    With Apple continually seeing growth in many different markets, its products continue to reach the hands of many consumers. Although the market share as a whole is relatively low when compared to the PCs, Apple continues to achieve new feats, which is excellent news for those who enjoy using Apple products!

    Source: MacNN
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