• Skype 5.4 Beta Released for Mac - 5.7 Beta for Windows

    Skype is popular communication tool for mobile devices and computers.

    Skype released Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac OS X today in order to add more support with Facebook. Recently, Facebook users could download an applet in order to use video chat with Skype users. In today's update, Skype hopes to make video calls much easier with Facebook users.

    The new Skype is integrating with Facebook in all new ways. For one, you can now see your friends' status updates on Skype without ever having to open up a Web browser to view Facebook. It acts as a news feed for Facebook and at the same time you can use Skype to chat with your Facebook friends because Facebook messenger is now compatible with Skype. After Skype made their chat service compatible with Facebook messenger, they added video calling support.

    The Skype 5.4 Beta update brings not only better Facebook integration but also stability enhancements. As Redmond Pie reports (which I am totally in agreement with), version 5.4 Beta seems to be less cluttered and faster than the previous version; 5.3. There was previously a bug in Skype version 5.3 for Mac OS X that would cause Skype to crash when someone added you as a contact. You would then need to re-launch the Skype application to see who added you an confirm it. As of this point, I am trying to figure out if that problem has been fixed.

    As well as Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac OS X, Skype has released Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows. This update brings the same updates to Windows as Mac OS X gets in version 5.4 Beta. So both Mac OS X and Windows are now on the same page with Skype.

    Here are the download links:

    Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac OS X can be downloaded here.
    Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows can be downloaded here.

    Sources: Redmond Pie
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